RW 124 – REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Where Are You Stuck? Where Are You Called?

“There’s got to be more to life.” We hear this all the time. And there is. But so often we’re looking for it in the wrong state of mind.

Because there are actually different ways of being, different radio stations to which we can tune our consciousness.

In some we can talk politely with the mail man and find our keys. In others we can unlock mystical abilities like hands-on healing, or melt into the all of everything.

It’s mind blowing, yet at the same time somehow makes total sense.

This is why spiritualities come in so many shapes and sizes, and this is how they all fit together. From goddess embodiment to shamanism to zen mediation to manifestation.

In this podcast Sabrina Lynn explains seven of the realms of consciousness we traverse in daily life, in meditation and in ReWilding or ReUnion workshops and retreats.

Part philosophical framework, part reflective practice, this episode is perfect mind food to help your little self surrender a little more to the mysteries of the universe and soul.

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Topics Explored in Realms of Consciousness:

  • Figuring out which level best serves you in each moment (8:24)
  • Some myths about what it takes to reach higher levels of consciousness (16:00)
  • Which realm to access for guidance & manifestation (32:11)
  • Which realm to access for uncovering mystical abilities (45:45)
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