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Step into your fullest, most heart-centered, soul-aligned self

About ReWilding

Ever get the feeling that there's more to life, more to relationships, more to self? Or how about the feeling that there's something more, in you, waiting to burst out and be set free?

I've certainly felt like that and I know that the women who've been on ReWilding journeys with us have felt like that too.

ReWilding For Women is a community, a tribe, a circle, a sisterhood that encourages, supports and holds space for women to step into their fullness.

A fullness that includes ALL aspects of feminine:

  • The Wild Woman
  • The Mother
  • The Lover
  • The Warrior
  • The Dark Face
  • The Light Face
  • The Medicine Woman
  • The Priestess

And that's just naming a few.

soul purpose retreat

A powerful and transformative space

ReWilding is for women who are seeking deep, authentic empowerment. Empowerment that comes from the core. Empowerment aligned with your body's innate wisdom. Empowerment connected to your life force energy. Empowerment connected to the divine feminine within you.

But we don't stop there, with just the divine feminine within. As humans, we are both masculine and feminine.  We have both divine feminine and divine masculine lines running through us.

The questions now are; how open are those lines, how clean are those lines and how well do these energies dance together?

The more open these lines are:

  • The more empowered you are.
  • The more you're able to create in this world.
  • The more bliss and pleasure you'll be able to allow into your being.
  • The more fulfilling and satisfying your relationships are.
  • The more orgasmic you are.
  • The deeper you can love yourself and another.
  • The more aligned you are with your deepest purpose.
  • The more your soul gifts will shine into this world.


I'm Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding.

I didn't always understand the esoteric principles I talked about above and I certainly didn't know about or even believe in ancient wisdom practices or sacred technologies.

I had no idea there was knowledge in this world that could help to take me far beyond the constraints of my everyday thinking mind and into the deeper realms of myself, opening me to more bliss than I ever imagined, soul gifts that were very much beyond my comprehension, orgasmic states I only ever read about in books, and a sense of knowing who I am and what my purpose is.

Sabrina Lynn ReWilding

How it all began ...

I was a scientist; I graduated college with a Microbiology degree. I was the captain of the women's rugby team and president of the microbiology club.  I married my college sweetheart. I got a highflying corporate job.

We bought the house, the boat, the dog, the cars, the vacations.  The world told me I had it all.  The world told me this was it, I was set and that I should be extraordinarily happy.

I wasn't.

I was f*cking miserable.

There was more and I knew it.  Deep down I knew it.

So, what did I do?

I left the husband, quit the job, sold all my belongings and moved to a little house on a lake in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, USA. For 2 years I lived alone in that little cabin in the woods; no washing machine, no drinking water and when it snowed you were trapped for days.

Surrounded by forests and lakes; I ran, I swam, I cried, I rolled in the mud.  I prayed.  I fell in love with trees.  I learned what meditation was. I fell in love with Mother Nature.  I started to understand what terms like Spirit and Soul meant, not from reading books but from a deep inner, experiential place of knowing.

At times I would walk around for days out in those woods in a state of awe and oneness with Her.  Not speaking, not communicating with anyone but Her and God.

I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I had never heard of the divine masculine or the divine feminine. I didn't grow up with a religion. I was just a girl in the woods.  Feeling and communing with Her and Him.


Enter the Shaman

Toward the end of my time in the woods I came across a Shaman.  I didn't plan on meeting a Shaman, in fact I had no interest in Shamanism or Spirituality or Tantra or anything of the sort. After all, I was a sceptical scientist who simply loved being in nature.

But the divine has a funny way of working.

That Shaman ended up facilitating the first of what would become a series of energetic awakenings.  The story of this first one is quite hilarious.  I won't write it here because it's too long.  But suffice it to say, I had no idea what was going on and I was incredibly embarrassed when it happened in a crowd of people.

I will however say that this energetic awakening felt like a lightening bolt coming in through the top of my head.  At the time it was the most painful and at the same time, the most blissful thing I had ever experienced.

The awakenings continue

These lighting bolt experiences happened a few more times in very random places amongst various shamanic practitioners.

As you can probably imagine it sent my sceptical, science mind into overdrive. In the long run this ended up being a good thing.  It led me to study and practice energy healing, neuroscience, reiki, shamanism, archetypal psychology, tantra, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, astrology, physiology, and a whole lot more.

During this time I ended up moving to Australia, where I dove even further into these mystery teachings.

During the day I taught Australia's top corporate leaders presentation skills, sales skills and leadership skills and at night I taught meditation and shamanic practices.

It was a wild time!

I attempted to keep the esoteric hidden, claiming I was studying "meditation" regardless of what practice or teaching I was exploring or facilitating at night.

During one particular "meditation" workshop the awakenings that had previously always come top down suddenly came from the bottom up and it wasn't lightening like, it was snake like and it was blissful and pleasurable and delicious, like a whole body orgasm.  I danced and gyrated in this newfound energy for days.

For the next 2 years, I worked diligently with these energies.  Almost 2 hours a day, everyday. It was intense.  It was life-changing.  I didn't know it at the time but it would one day become my work in the world.

Why do I share this with you?

I don't share this because I think everyone needs to get struck with lightening by a shaman.  I share this because it's simply my story.  It's how things unfolded for me.  It's how I opened.  It's what led me to facilitating the work I facilitate.  It's what took me to the depths.  It's what introduced me to the parts of self that I had locked away, the parts of self that contained my life force, my purpose, my juice, my soul gifts.

You've got all that too, the life force, the soul purposes, the juice, the soul gifts.  Only problem is that often those things are buried within us. Buried under the rubble of the day-to-day grind, buried under the rubble of ancestral wounding, buried under the rubble of the collective energies we live in.

The good news is that all you need to do is clear the rubble and it all opens!!  ALL of it opens!!  The bliss, the joy, the passion, the orgasms, the relationships, the love!

That's what ReWilding practices do.  They clear the rubble to open the doors to your allness, your fullness, your bliss, your purpose!

I'd love to share these ReWilding practices with you. Come find me in our private group on facebook or in a live workshop or out in the woods on a retreat. Also make sure you subscribe to ReWilding, we share our most precious and intimate teachings with our members.

So much love to you

Sabrina Lynn

What women are saying about ReWilding 

"This was truly one of the most profound events I have been involved in.  Loved it. Going again."

~ Tania Sloan
Owner - Stepping into Self

"Since doing the workshop it feels as if my sexuality is now like a blank canvas; all of the old is gone and the new can be painted."

~ Kirana

"No other practice has given me such direct access to me...leaving me in complete awe and wonder of self."

~ Raelene


Professional bio

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women, is a passionate and deep-diving personal development facilitator. Her transformational work has impacted the lives of thousands of women across the globe.


Having taught in some of the largest organizations in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, UNSW, BHP Billiton, QBE and WNBN) she combines her common sense, down-to-earth approach with depth, wildness and raw power; which are the unique signatures of her ReWilding work. She facilitates at a depth where remarkable transformations, healings and openings in women's lives are a common occurrence.


Sabrina brings 10 years of teaching, facilitating, consulting and coaching experience into her work. She's studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

More of what women are saying about Sabrina Lynn and ReWilding

"Wow, Wow, Wow!!"

"Wow, wow, wow!! Out with the old and in with the new ... Opened a lot of blockages ... Thanks so so much for an amazing night!"

~ Jane

"I feel like I am peeling back layers"

"I feel like I am peeling back layers - stripping back the false, the ego - everything layer of protection I have built up over a lifetime - maybe many lifetimes - and becoming who I am meant to be authentically."

~ Deni Ayre - Designer + Intuitive Artist 

"It blew me away to observe and hear the 'change' in all the women"

"Working with Sabrina in this beautiful sacred space, I felt not only my own transformation but it blew me away to observe and hear the 'change' in all the women around me, just over the course of the day. This was a divine experience to be a part of. The release and the empowerment was un-deniable!"

"Loved, loved, loved the ReWilding Workshop!

The idea of connecting to a part of myself that is unapologetically wild and free felt very appealing. And it happened. The energy of the space that Sabrina created and held enabled me to go deep into a part of myself that has been locked and hidden away. Bringing that to the surface to acknowledge and release was incredibly profound and freeing. There’s a healthy fire in my belly now and an incredible sense of passion and drive. What a beautiful, powerful process. I’m excited for the next workshop – to explore more!"

~ Amy

"Rewilding has unlocked every element of me"

"Rewilding has unlocked every element of me, now I fully appreciate that there is darkness, there is lightness, there's a lover, a warrior, a mother, and I ... am ... a ... Goddess!!"

"I felt safe to go wild and express myself"

"The energy was powerful. I felt safe to go wild and express myself. If you are willing to dive into the archetypes, feel them in your body and be supported as a conscious spiritual woman walking your path, I recommend this special experience!"

~ Anick Patry - Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Be You Coach