Hi! I'm Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding for Women.

Before we dive into anything, I’d like to extend a big ReWilding welcome to you! And, if it’s alright, I’d like to tell you about ReWilding by sharing a bit of my story (it’s really the story of how ReWilding began).

My Story...

I didn't always understand awakening, conscious evolution or the esoteric principles we explore here at ReWilding; and I certainly didn't believe in - or even know about - ancient wisdom practices or sacred technologies.

I had no idea there was knowledge or a set of practices in this world that could take me beyond the constraints of my absorbed conditioning, limitations of my ancestral patterning and restrictions of my everyday-thinking mind.

I didn’t know these practices that would take me into the deeper, more authentic realms of myself and would open me to more bliss than I ever imagined, soul gifts that were very much beyond my comprehension, orgasmic states I only ever read about in books, and a deep unshakable sense of knowing who I am and how I’m most authentically called to express myself in this life.

How it all began...

I was a scientist. I graduated college with a Microbiology degree. I was the captain of the rugby team and president of the microbiology club (strange combo - I know!) I married my college sweetheart and got a high-flying corporate job.

We got the house, the boat, the dog, the cars, the vacations. Everyone around me was telling me I had it all and that I should be happy.

But I wasn’t.

I was f*cking miserable.

Something was missing. I just knew it. Deep down I knew there was way more to me... and way more to life!

So, I did what any disheartened 24 year-old woman does:-) I left the husband, quit the job, sold all my belongings and moved to a tiny cottage on a lake in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, USA. 

For 2 years I lived alone in that little cabin in the woods; no washing machine, no drinking water (it was rust colored!)... and when it snowed, you were trapped there for days.

Surrounded by forests and lakes, I ran, biked and swam. I rolled in the mud. I prayed. I cried. I fell in love with trees. I learned what meditation was. I started to understand what terms like Spirit and Soul meant, not from reading books, but from a deep inner, experiential place of feeling and knowing.

At times I would walk around for days out in those woods in a state of awe and oneness with Her. Not speaking, not communicating with anyone but Her and God.

I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I had never heard of the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine. I didn't grow up with religion. I was just a girl in the woods. Feeling and communing with Her and Him.


Enter the Shaman

Toward the end of my time in the woods I came across a Shaman. I didn't plan on meeting one. Heck, I had never even heard of the term ‘Shaman’. 

But the divine has a funny way of working.

That Shaman ended up facilitating the first of what would become a series of awakenings for me. The story of this first one is down-right hilarious and really highlights my absolute naïveté at the time. I won't write it here because it's too long. But suffice it to say, I had no idea what was going on and I was incredibly embarrassed when it happened in a crowd of people.

I will, however, say that this energetic awakening felt like a lightning bolt coming in through the top of my head. At the time it was the most painful yet blissful thing I had ever experienced and for days afterward I walked around in an absolute haze of love and oneness.

The awakenings continue

These lightning bolt experiences happened a few more times in very random places amongst various shamanic practitioners.

As you can probably imagine, this sent my skeptical science-mind into overdrive! In the long run, however, it ended up being a good thing because my curiosity took me on a ride. In an effort to understand what was happening to me, I studied and practiced energy healing, meditation, neuroscience, reiki, shamanism, archetypal psychology, tantra, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, astrology, physiology, and a whole lot more.

During this time I also moved to Australia, where I dove even further into these mystery teachings and an entirely different energy. During the day, I taught Australia's top corporate leaders presentation skills and at night I taught meditation and shamanic practices. It was a wild time!

I attempted to keep the esoteric hidden, claiming I was studying "meditation" regardless of what practice or teaching I was exploring or facilitating at night. Can you relate?! Haha!

Enter the Divine Feminine

During one particular "meditation" workshop, the awakenings that had previously come top-down suddenly came from the bottom-up... and it wasn't lightning-like, it was snake-like and it was blissful, pleasurable and delicious, like a whole-body orgasm.  

For the next 2 years, I worked diligently with these two energies - the masculine (lightning-like) energy from above and the feminine (snake-like) energy from below. During this time, I also opened to the archetypes and began my embodiment work with them. I discovered and worked with 36 Divine Feminine and Masculine energies over those 2 years. 

I opened to them during meditations, during love-making, during energy-healing sessions and during workshops that I was both attending and facilitating. 

People often ask how I came to facilitate and transmit energy the way I do. Well, I practiced for 2 hours/day nearly every day for 2 years before I was called to facilitate anything! 

Why do I share this with you?

I don't share this because I think everyone needs to get struck with a lightning bolt by a Shaman. I share this because it's simply my story. It's how things unfolded for me. It was part of my path to awakening. It's what took me to the depths and introduced me to the parts of myself that I had locked away, the parts of myself that contained my life force, my purpose, my juice, my soul gifts, my magic.

I also share this because it’s the foundation that ReWilding For Women was built on - which to me, is a deep awakening, honoring and devotion to both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. 

What is ReWilding For Women?

You know all of those parts of Self that I spoke about above? The life force, the juice, the soul purposes, the soul gifts, the magic? Well, they’re in you too! 

Sometimes we just don’t know it because we haven’t had a chance to tap into them yet! Often those magical parts are buried within us, under the rubble of the day-to-day grind, ancestral wounding or the collective energies we live in.

But they don’t have to stay buried!! And that's what ReWilding is all about … opening, awakening and stepping into your all-ness. Every beautiful, wild, hidden part of yourself!  And with that comes your soul gifts, your medicine woman magic, your warrior backbone, your lover sensuality and the glorious mysteries of the mystic within!! If you’d like to read more about these beautiful aspects of the Divine Feminine, check out our “Online Programs”. 

My Commitment

Everyday upon waking, my commitment is to bring the very best I can to everything I do, and I know it’s the same for my team. And while I can’t promise perfection, I can promise an unwavering devotion to help us all walk this awakening path. 

If you’d like to read more about our company, please check out “Our Work in the World”.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful connection. I look forward to the big, wild journey ahead and to whichever way our paths cross! 

Huge love to you, 

Sabrina Lynn 

Want to stay in touch?

A few times a month, I send a short email to our community that includes tips, tools, insights, invites to livestreams and other things I feel are worthwhile and supportive to the journey. Plus get instant access to a free workshop!

The ReWilding Team

Our team is made up of gorgeous and amazing women from all over the world. Some are part of our customer support team, some are Mystery School grads you’ll see supporting at ReWilding events, some are the beautiful souls who add huge love to our FB groups and some are like magical little fairies on the periphery. I'm grateful to all of them for their seen and unseen support - they really do change the entirety of ReWilding with their love, their passion for this work and their dedication to bringing change to this world.

I love, love, love these women and each day we work hard to redefine how women can create and weave magic into the world from a heart-centered, soul-aligned place that honors both the masculine and the feminine in all that we do.  

Outside of the 'official' team there are gorgeous and amazing women all over the world who are very much a part of ReWilding. Some are Mystery School grads you’ll see supporting at ReWilding events, some are the beautiful souls who add huge love to our Facebook groups and some are like magical little fairies on the periphery. I'm grateful to all of them for their seen and unseen support – they really do change the entirety of ReWilding with their love.

My first ReWilding retreat was like opening the doors to my soul and calling her home.  ~ Hanna

I went to a three hour ‘workshop’ that changed my life. 
~ Kristy

I feel alive! No other practice has given me such direct access to me.  ~ Raelene

ReWilding is a delicious somatic dance into your deeper self.  ~ Chandu

This was truly one of the most profound events I have been involved in.  ~ Tania

Soul reclaiming, divinely aligning and magnificently potent. 
~ Matilda