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Explore the 6 Faces of the Feminine $47 each

3- Day Online Retreats

Explore the ReWilding Themes $197 EACH


Open to the fullness of your sexuality and creativity

Many of us feel that there is so much more to experience, so much more to our sexuality, and so much more available in the way of bliss, joy, freedom, wildness, ecstasy, creative-potency, love, intimacy and connection. The trouble is, most of us were never shown how to open those doors. In our online sexual healing retreat we open those doors.

Fierce grace, radical liberation and deep shadow work are the Goddess Kali. She is a love-filled, high-level archetype that stops at nothing to give you your everything! This retreat is a journey toward that — YOUR EVERYTHING. It’s also a journey toward releasing you from all that holds you back from your everything, even the most hidden and unconscious!



With the Medicine Women, the Earth Mothers and the Feminine Wisdom Principles

This retreat is a sojourn into the mysteries and the ways of the Feminine. It's also an exploration of the hidden mysteries of Sacred Union between the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, which is what leads to sacred conception, inspired creation and soulful living!

This retreat is a sacred, love-filled journey that invites your deepest truths, deepest gifts and deepest soul-longings to the surface so that you may hear them, know them and then call them forth into form.

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