Honoring, Healing and Connecting with all Aspects of the Mother

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Heal Your Inner Child, Release Mother Wounds & Reclaim Your Power

This powerful online workshop explores the healing and awakening power of the Mother. Using shamanic practices, intention, archetypal accessing, visualization, energy practices and personal inquiry, we dive deep into the energy of the Mother to cultivate a greater sense of connection and heal personal and ancestral wounds.

We connect with Great Mother and the wise Medicine women before us. We honor and connect with the pure magic of our bodies and our deep womb wisdom within. We honor the most primal, powerful aspects of the feminine while leaning into the unconditional support of Great Mother.

We clear and heal our ancestral lines, from our Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers and beyond... and then invite this healing energy forward to future generations so that our children will not carry the burden of healing wounds of the past.

This workshop is a 3-part video series including 5 beautiful practices to help open, connect, and honor the energy of the Mother.

Note: You do not need to have "mother wounding" to benefit from this workshop. This workshop goes far beyond that. 

Mother Inner Child

A deeper, more profound way of being with yourself and in the world 

This workshop offers practices to heal your inner child and ancestral lines. One of the most beautiful gifts is that it can shift your relationship with your mother without having to engage her in the process - you don’t actually need to talk with her or face her to heal, open and awaken. Not only can it shift your relationship with your mother, but also with yourself as a mother/future mother, particularly if you’re still carrying conscious or unconscious childhood wounding resulting from:

  • Being or feeling abandoned
  • Never having been nurtured or loved
  • Being abused (physically, emotionally or mentally)
  • Having to grow up really quickly
  • Being forced to be the ‘good little girl’
  • Only being loved if you behaved a certain way (conditional love)
  • Experiencing love as a limited resource (you had to do x/y/z to feel loved or get attention)
  • Feeling pressured to take care of your family (physically or emotionally)
  • Never feeling good enough, criticized often
  • Feeling like the ‘black sheep’ of the family
  • Your siblings being favoured above you
  • Betrayal by your mother
  • Feeling your mother’s jealousy and wrath towards you
  • Feeling like a burden, your mother’s blame on you for changing her life
  • Keeping yourself small for fear of outshining your family members

No previous experience necessary! This work is open to all women who are willing to go within. 

What women are saying about ReWilding 

"Wow, wow, wow!! Out with the old and in with the new ... Opened a lot of blockages ... Thanks so so much for an amazing experience!" ~ Jane

"This was truly one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. Loved it. Will be doing more." ~ Tania

"No other practice has given me such direct access to me... leaving me in complete awe and wonder of self." ~ Raelene

This workshop will particularly benefit you if:

  • You want to clear the energy from your childhood and step into your full power as a woman
  • You crave the support of a motherly force, or long to be held in a supportive way
  • You are a mother, or long to be a mother
  • You want to shift the relationship between you and your mother (without necessarily engaging her in the process)
  • You want to create something in your life - unlock your creative capacity for projects, business and career
  • You want to move forward, clear the hidden and unconscious wounds that are blocking you and holding you back from stepping into your full potential

Here's what you'll receive:

Mother Receive
  • Three video workshop sessions 55 minutes of ReWilding practices to connect with the energy of the Mother and heal your inner child. This includes initiations into 2 archetypes (Mother Mary and Gaia).
    • Part 1: Connecting with Great Mother and the Wise Medicine Women before us
    • Part 2: Honoring Deep Womb Wisdom & Leaning Into the Unconditional Support of Great Mother
    • Part 3: Opening Our Heart Space & Sending the Rose Gold Healing Energy to Our Ancestral Lines (past, present and future)
  • High quality audio recordings in addition to video you'll also receive an audio recording for each session that is easy to download.
  • Bonus #1: Deepening Practices downloadable pdf with 4 suggested practices to take you a bit deeper into the healing power of Mother.
  • Bonus #2: Supportive Playlist of 18 songs to support your journey into MotherLove, available via Spotify.
  • Bonus #3: A Channeled Letter from Mother Mary, via Amy V. Miller who specializes in delivering messages and sharing loving insights that help shift awareness and empower people to make positive change in their lives.

*All content is downloadable, so you can complete the workshop anytime, as often as you'd like. You'll have lifetime access to the materials.

An Invitation to Honor and Connect with the Energy of the Mother

$47 USD


Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has lead over 70,000 women and men around the world through Divine Feminine awakening, embodiment, and reclamation.

After searching for years for modalities and traditions that could help her find what she was seeking, she finally blazed her own trail. Fifteen years later, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective practices that take participants deep beyond the conscious mind, into the realms of the body and psyche where true, lasting transformation lies.

With a global following of over 250,000, she is rapidly becoming a thought-leader for bringing spirit and soul into daily life.

Her mission is to help the world remember what the Divine Feminine has to offer: that you don't need to be a monk on a mountaintop to find enlightenment. You can live each day connected to the All of Everything while paying your bills, folding your laundry, making mistakes, making love...

More of what women are saying about Sabrina Lynn and ReWilding

"The videos are so powerful!

"The videos are so powerful - the practices and space that you open have shifted SO much for me. It is hard to even describe." ~ Sarah

"I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop"

“I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop. I love it. I love the physicality and depths and heights, as well as the tools that are given.” ~ Katie

"I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding."

“I literally have recommended ReWilding to every woman I know. I have experienced things in ReWilding that I would never have known possible. So many of the teachings seem mystical but logical at the same time and I find myself saying 'Why didn't I think of that, it makes so much sense!' I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding.” ~ Stefanie