SOUL FIRE: What It Really Takes to Move Through this World in Soul Alignment – Episode 112

If there was one episode of ReWilding for Women to listen to, this would be it.

Sabrina Lynn shares publicly, for the first time, what is really possible on the awakening path, and what it takes to get there. 

This isn’t all rainbows and fairy dust, this is a real conversation about heartbreak and mystical transformation, grief and spiritual expansion.

This is honest account of what it takes to form a deep and evolving relationship with one’s soul truth, coming into the ever illusive, loudly sought after “soul alignment.”

It’s a journey not for the faint of heart, but something brought you here already, and we don’t think it was by accident.

Topics Explored in Soul Fire – Episode 112:

  • What soul alignment looks like and feels like.
  • How this deep connection with mystical truth will shift your everyday reality.
  • Six practices to help deepen your connection with your soul.
  • Feeling to the Advanced Women’s Immersion Program,* a container built to help women find and keep soul alignment.

*Application deadline was extended to 27 December, so don’t wait!


Watch the Soul Fire video episode here…

Listen to the Soul Fire audio episode here…

Soul Fire Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – This episode goes places we’ve never gone to on a public LIVE! It was a co-creation and weaving with the people who joined us LIVE, we’d love to have you there for the next one!

2:20 – Start of LIVE, we’re going to be talking about something very sacred and very subtle.

3:05 – How can we move into 2021 in such deep soul alignment while totally present in reality?

4:55 – How can we create, make decisions, live from a place of high mystical knowing, from soul alignment?

5:35 – Now imagine, what sort of shit gets cut out when you live in soul alignment like that? Let us know in the comments on the YouTube video! These shares are a huge gift to our community!

8:45 – Besides releasing so much of our own baggage, we wouldn’t get caught up in others’ processing and karmic patterns!

11:20 – Living in this level of soul alignment is not only possible, it’s not that hard!

15:55 – This is exactly what we’re going to practice doing, for a full 12 months, in the Advanced Women’s Immersion Program that begins in January! The women who sign up for this program make free podcasts like this possible, so deep deep gratitude to you!

18:55 – So how to do actually learn to live, create, and make decisions from this high and deep soul alignment?

20:20 – First practice: find places, books, people that nourish your soul.

21:33 – Second practice: what call out your soul? Find the acts, practices, spaces, people, etc, that actually sing out your soul.

23:41 – Third practice: embodiment work that connects you with your body, that makes space in your body for your soul to reside.

21:18 – Fourth practice: noticing what feels “soul sucking” to you, where you feel like you “lose yourself.”

27:18 – Fifth practice: radical honesty, radical truth, especially when that truth is “inconvenient.”

30:25 – Sixth practice: follow your wisdom heart, not your wounded, scared, clingy heart.

33:20 – We have to go beyond intellectually understanding we should follow our truth, we have to create a deep relationship with our truth. That is soul alignment.

34:05 – Soul alignment & embodiment is so available to anyone, yet that is not everyone’s path. But it’s not a coincidence that you are here right now. You are here for a reason. So go get it!!

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