KALI: You Have Never Experienced Transformation Like Her – Episode 111

There is nothing that the goddess Kali won’t do for the sake of your awakening.


She is a liberator, an excavator, and possibly the fiercest deliverer of love and grace imaginable. 

This episode traverses our psycho-spiritual wilderness to connect with Kali and touch into her potent and radically transformational energy. Additionally, it is chock-full of ways to support your own personal journey of liberation, awakening, and all-ness.

One of these is by joining the powerful Kali Online Retreat, which is $50 off from now until 31 December. This is to honor and take advantage of the fact that the Kali asteroid is playing a major part in the astrology of this month!

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Important note: Kali is a Hindu goddess, a thriving religion with over a billion followers worldwide. It is important for you to know that though I work with Kali energy, I am not doing so as a Hindu worshipper or expert. She is not mine, I do not claim her. I only hope to honor her and the beautiful tradition she comes from by helping people connect with her powerful energy. You can learn more about the Hindu myth of Kali here.

We also want to honor the culture of Kali by sending love and bringing awareness to the 250 million people currently protesting in India (December 8, 2020), which is the largest known protest in human history. You can learn more about it here.

Topics Explored in Kali – Episode 111:

  • Kali as a bringer of fierce grace, as Ego Slayer, Shakti/Kundalini/Tantric Awakener
  • Her energy is so true, pure, raw, and enlightening that there is no place she can’t/won’t go
  • Kali is one of the highest vibrating archetypes that you can work with and will liberate you from anything and everything
  • How much of your soul is waiting to be reclaimed under lifetimes of conditioning
  • Kali Online Retreat is $50 off (through 31 Dec.) to support this conversation and the energetics of this moment


Watch the Kali video episode here…

Listen to the Kali Transformation audio episode here…

Kali Transformation Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 111, which is about the Hindu goddess Kali.

1:50 – If you’re listening to this podcast in December of 2020, our Kali Online Retreat is $50 off to support the currently astrological energetics and this conversation!

3:57 – Practice 1: Asking Self, “How am I feeling, right now, in this moment?” And then at the end of this conversation, do another checkpoint and ask, “Now, how do I feel?”

4:40 – Start of the LIVE portion.

5:25 – Practice 2: Sometimes when these parts of Self are getting excavated, it doesn’t feel that good, so asking Self, “Is there anything I can do to support myself more in any way in this journey?”

5:50 – Subscribe to our email/Facebook group for free tidbits on how to work with energy, conversations around this, etc.

6:58 – Kali, in her purest form, wants nothing but your everything . She will stop at nothing to give that to you, including orchestrating the craziest life situations to do so

9:19 – Un-purified Kali energy is used in a self-righteous way. So can we hold ourselves to the fire with love, compassion, and non-judgement.

12:17 – This moment in time is really potent with Dark Goddess energy. It’s a time of breaking old patterns and putting everything in the spotlight and asking, “Does this still serve?”

20:55 – Kali will show you that your little ego is not in charge, but that your soul is actually in charge.

23:27 – She is one of the highest vibrating archetypes you can work with. She liberates you from everything… There is no where she won’t go.

26:40 – Kali Online Retreat can support and help work with this intense energy (and there’s a coupon code for 25% off through 31 Dec.)

27:50 – Astrologically, Kali plus all of the big, heavy hitters are in heightened positions for the entire month of December.

35:05 – Really watch projections and triggers, watch what’s pissing you off or making you sad, and watch where you’re contracting.

36:15 – We have the opportunity to transform/alchemize some of the deepest shit in our systems right now.

38:55 – We are launching a new, year-long program, Advanced Women’s Immersion Program, that dives deeper than we’ve ever gone into women’s wisdom practices.

46:38 – We’ll be here LIVE next Saturday! So much love to all of you!


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