RW 121 – SPIRITUALITY THAT SERVES: Revolutionizing Spiritual Awakening & Wisdom so it Actually Works

Have you noticed how many forms of “spirituality” don’t feel like they’re bringing you any closer to spirit?

Yeah, us too.

It’s as if they were designed by and for people thousands of years ago, and then mutated by generations of power hungry organizations and people to create pedestals and fortunes for themselves, rather than serving their original purpose or anyone else… Wait a minute. 

Luckily, we are living in an unprecedented age of access and freedom. We don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules, take anyone else’s word, or sit for another moment in a temple that doesn’t serve. We can make our own. Or scrap the whole idea and roll around in the woods. 

That’s what this episode is all about: reinventing spirituality as our personal, direct path to the all of everything. Discovering what exactly calls us to greater heights and depths. And owning it even if no one else understands it.

No hierarchies, no dogmas, no gatekeepers. Just you and your personal line to the divine. 

This episode was inspired by 7-day ReUnion Experience challenge, designed to help people remember and reconnect with the vast power, love and purpose that lies within. Now available as The ReUnion Experience online program with instant access and additional bonus workshops and resources.


Topics Explored in Spiritual Awakening – Episode 121:

  • How and why our consciousness, our wiring and our callings are different today (9:20)
  • The problems with many systems of spirituality & spiritual awakening (14:20)
  • Reflective practices to help you figure out your direct path to the experience of the divine (21:00)
  • How we can adapt ancient spiritual practices & technologies to best serve us today (30:20)
  • The ReUnion Experience (37:10)
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