Blowing up KUNDALINI AWAKENING: Seeking Soul vs Surrendering to Soul – Episode 115

Excuse my language, but there is so much bullsh*t out there around having a Kundalini awakening, Kundalini energy activation, Kundalini rising, etc, etc, etc…

In the first part of this episode, Sabrina Lynn explains the nature of the mysterious Kundalini energy, and how forcing it won’t work, and may actually be counterproductive to your spiritual awakening.

And in the second part, she indulges our egos and gives us a little bit of mind food around the traditional understanding of Kundalini energy and Kundalini awakening.

But, even better yet, you have the opportunity to work with Kundalini for yourself, in yourself, in your own way for FREE.

Feel into our Birthing a New World Mini-Series, which guides you through an energetic exploration of the feminine energies within, including Kundalini. It’s our gift to you, and anyone else you think it would serve!

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Topics Explored in Kundalini Awakening – Episode 115:

  • How Kundalini energy & Kundalini awakening can show up differently for all of us
  • The mysterious essence of Kundalini, which makes her ultimately unexplainable with words
  • Embracing your own unique & perfect journey with Kundalini, whether or not it involves an extraverted “awakening”
  • FREE Journey with ancient Divine Feminine archetypes: Birthing a New World Mini-Series

Watch part 1 of the Kundalini Awakening episode here…


Watch part 2 of the Kundalini Awakening episode here…


Listen to the entire Kundalini Awakening audio episode here…

Kundalini Awakening Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to ReWilding for Women! This is a bit of a different episode, as it’s a combination of two of our YouTube videos on Kundalini.

1:40 – Don’t miss our FREE mini-series that guides you to directly working with Kundalini and other aspects of feminine energy: Birthing a New World Mini-Series!

Part 1

2:13 – Embrace the mystery, the variability, the endless spectrum of Kundalini awakening.

11:25 – Allow your journey to unfold organically, authentically, in a way that’s true to you.

12:40 – Kundalini can worked with through sacred sexuality, goddess archetypes, yoga practices.

14:20 – Be open, curious, in reverence to, but not striving for Kundalini. Let your soul guide you along this path, pull you down this path, rather than your ego pushing you up it.

18:40 – Experience Kundalini for yourself in our free mini-series: Birthing a New World Mini-Series!

21:15 – Join our Facebook Group to ask questions, support, and be supported.

Part 2 (originally recored as an Instagram LIVE)

22:10 – Dropping in & opening up your central channel to help you tap into the energy, and Kundalini, within. Because she is beyond words, we have to feel her to know her.

25:25 – What is Kundalini? The essence of spiritual, mystical wisdom that runs through your body. A serpent wrapped around the base of your spine. An aspect of the divine feminine, of Shakti. And yet, so much more.

27:45 – Kundalini is already inside of you, you don’t need to “awaken” her. Also, you can’t force her into acting a certain way. You can only invite her, allow her, make space for her, and let your journey unfold organically.

29:35 – How does Kundalini show up for you? Embrace your personal, unique, perfect experience of her.


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