RW 169 – JULY & AUGUST 2022: Why Work the Destiny Line Right Now (Uranus, North Node, Mars, Kali Conjunction)

Why work the Destiny Line right now? Why care about the Triple Conjunction of August 2022 (which is actually a quadruple conjunction with the Kali asteroid!)? Because… there WON’T be a more powerful time to align with your destiny, your true north, your soul purposes than right now!!! Listen to this powerful conversation and then…


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Topics Explored in “Why Work the Destiny Line Right Now“:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • Only doing things that light you up (0:00)
  • Follow your bliss (5:43)
  • Work your triggers (9:05)
  • Staying where you’re comfortable (13:24)
  • The courage of your inner warrior (16:48)
  • Surrendering to the lightning bolt of change (21:39)
  • Uranus Meditation (25:31)
  • Soul nourishment for Lightworkers (27:08)
  • Fill your cup: What does the Feminine need? (29:45)
  • The importance of soulful community (34:18)
  • Holding onto things instead of letting go (38:15)
  • Kali Meditation (45:29)

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