RW 160 – ALLOWING SOUL TO TAKE THE DRIVER’S SEAT: Highlights From Membership Program with Sabrina Lynn

Recorded highlights from the April 2022 LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE Online Workshop/Circle with Sabrina Lynn with the practice: Allowing Soul to Take the Driver’s Seat!

In this episode, you’ll get a taste for exactly what it’s like to be in a live Circle with spiritual teacher, Sabrina Lynn, experience the profound practice of allowing soul to take the driver’s seat in your life, and bring joy, aliveness, excitement and curiosity into daily life by surrendering to a wild-ass soul adventure! Plus so much more!

Love this and interested in the FULL experience? Join us in LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE!

The highlights in this episode focus specifically on the energetics of the month of April 2022, but note that these practices can be done anytime! No matter when you watch this episode, the energy will rise to meet you exactly where you are in the moment. These are practices that can be done many times over!



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This program expands your capacity to live aligned with soul self through deep-diving workshops, practices, and experiential journeys. You will be “held to the fire” of living your truth! It’s a program open to everyone, and a place where Sabrina shares her own daily practices as a doorway for you to experience your own soul’s unique expression.


Themes explored in LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE:

1) Consciousness & Embodiment

2) Purpose & Power

3) Shadow Work

4) Living in Alignment

What the program consists of:

1) Live monthly Circle via Zoom (plus access to video replay), with workshop, lecture and Q&A

2) Monthly Focus Practice for grounding transformation into daily life

3) Live mid-month Share Circle for nourishment and support from the Community

4) Soulful Community & Facebook Group

5) Online Member’s Area with all your content


Topics Explored in “Allowing Soul to Take the Driver’s Seat”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • Coming into Circle. Permission to open to new ways of doing, seeing, thinking, being (4:24)
  • Letting ourselves be okay in the unknown (7:00)
  • Inner work that reverberates into all of life (9:26)
  • Releasing the ways we block our inner world from our outer world (11:41)
  • Allowing soul to take the driver’s seat (14:11)
  • Practice: Find the areas of life in which you do not want to surrender to soul (16:49)
  • The shift into the new: we’ve arrived! How you might be feeling (22:35)
  • How this is unique to all of us: you’re not alone (26:29)
  • Integrating the changes within: next-level embodiment of soul (29:07)
  • Inner work should be more than just seeking a high over the weekend (33:59)
  • Moving into a place in which life is a joy all the time (34:58)
  • Practice: Where in your body do you not trust the divine? (36:31)
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