RW 157 – KALI: Radical Transformation By Fire & Grace (Goddess Kali Meditation)

Why work with Kali* and why now? Because she’s a gift giver and life changer!! But don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself in this Goddess Kali Meditation!

Then take things to the next level of healing, awakening and transformation by diving into ReWilding’s Kali Online Retreat!

Right now, March 2022, there is an energetic opportunity like none other to work with her! This month the Kali asteroid is conjunct Neptune, the Sun and Mercury! Plus she squares two other Dark Goddess points in the sky, giving her even more potency. This is an opportunity for us to connect with her in ways we normally wouldn’t be able to!

This episode is a great to start to dip a toe into all this magic! In it you’ll experience Kali purification with FIRE & GRACE through a powerful Goddess Kali Meditation. Kali takes you beneath your wounds, into your truth, and ultimately into your potential. She’s demanding! She won’t let you hide from your fears, your truth or your heart’s desires. Kali initiates you into your fullness, your all-ness and your potential like no other. 



*Kali is a Hindu goddess, who is deeply honored by this thriving religion with over a billion followers worldwide. Though I work with Kali energy, I am not doing so as a Hindu worshipper or expert. My body of work is not related to any religion. I work with the raw archetypal energy of Kali as an invitation to explore one’s own inner world. I hope to honor the beautiful tradition she comes from by helping people connect with her powerful archetypal energy. You can learn more about the Hindu myth of Kali here.


Journey Deeper: Kali Online Retreat!

This 5-part online program is OPEN in March 2022 for a limited time!!


Topics Explored in “GODDESS KALI MEDITATION: Radical Transformation By Fire & Grace“:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • Why work with Kali. Truth, soul essence & the spark of divinity in you (4:00)
  • What Kali demands of you: she will not let you hide! Habits, fears, wounds, the shadow (8:09)
  • Your potential is underneath your fear: how is fear manifesting in your life? (8:42)
  • Golden Kali: No wound is too deep for her to alchemize (10:29)
  • Meditation: Radical transformation by fire & grace (15:57)
  • Invite to Kali Online Retreat (18:25)
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Watch “GODDESS KALI MEDITATION: Radical Transformation By Fire & Gracevideo here


Listen to GODDESS KALI MEDITATION: Radical Transformation By Fire & Gracepodcast here


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  • Invitation to Kali Online Retreat! Get started today! Only available for a limited time.
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