RW 168 – MID-YEAR ENERGY REPORT: The Shadows, Karma & Destiny of 2022

In this Mid-Year Energy Report, we dive into the unprecedented energies at play, how they’re influencing us, and how we can support ourselves to get the most out of the karmic soup that we’re all swimming in. HINT: It has to do with your destiny! This is a massive year of transformation. If you’re hitting resistance, this might be the most nourishing conversation you could hear right now! 


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 For you, this might be your sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, magnetism, manifestation ability, sense of knowing, creativity, imagination, ability to take up space, laughter and playfulness, enjoyment of life, the love of life just for the sake of it, the sheer love of being embodied, the enjoyment of your beauty and passion, the ability to ask for what you need, your softness, the parts that weren’t “strong”… Any and all aspects we had to bury deep within.

You’ll find all the details here. 💛 


Topics Explored in “Mid-Year Energy Report“:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • 0:00 A year of transformation
  • 4:08 The death/rebirth theme & hitting resistance
  • 9:20 The shadow side of loyalty
  • 11:46 Reaching your destiny via surrender
  • 16:15 How the karmic unfolding is necessary
  • 19:53 Seeing what’s been swept under the carpet
  • 23:31 Opening up to our greatest potentials
  • 27:50 Why soul embodiment & reclamation is part of this
  • 34:18 Purification of warrior energy
  • 39:14 Bringing the unconscious into consciousness
  • 41:57 Why are we still denying the feminine?
  • 46:15 How your inner work can flow into daily life
  • 52:49 Bridge practices to hold yourself to the fire
  • 58:20 Stepping out of the old & into the new
  • 1:04:42 Living from soul: What’s true?

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