RW 147 – Fear, Rage, Grief, High Sensitivity: Signs of Feminine Awakening & How to Work with Them

This episode was originally a Q&A that just happened to cover the most common “symptoms” of feminine awakening. Things that often make people worry they are doing feminine reclamation wrong, or wonder if they want to do it at all. First, they are totally normal! Second, here’s why and how to work with them safely and constructively.

Topics Explored in Signs of Feminine Awakening:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • Why fear will ALWAYS come up when you’re reclaiming your feminine (9:10)
  • How empath sensitivity is an innate part of feminine embodiment, and how to let it teach you even more (14:51)
  • Why the dark goddess is harder to reclaim than archetypes, but also faster at transmuting your dense emotions (35:50)
  • Why feminine evolution in particular involves releasing victim mindset and owning your soul’s journey (45:04)
  • How to process and release grief and rage in safe, constructive ways (48:50)
  • Steps you can take to help you bring the knowing, connection & magic from workshops into daily life (52:20)
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