RW 163 – WHAT IS THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE? Ways to Reach Mystical Truth with Brian Muraresku

There are many ways to reach mystical truths! Have you ever wondered, what is the psychedelic experience? This interview with author Brian Muraresku explores the history of psychedelic use in Western Civilization. Do you need psychedelics? Is this the way to Enlightenment? 


✨  In this episode:

Sabrina Lynn and Brian Muraresku discuss his book, The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name. Psychedelics are not new! Here are some of the big questions in this episode:

  1. Can history provide a roadmap for modern-day use of psychedelics?
  2. Can mystical consciousness be achieved with chemical substances?
  3. What do transformative experiences look like?
  4. Are there other ways to tap into the eternity of the present moment?

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Topics Explored in “What Is the Psychedelic Experience?”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • The mystical understanding of God (1:36)
  • Passion projects. Following your bliss (7:29)
  • The birds-eye view of psychedelics (15:04)
  • Accessing mystical truth (19:49)
  • The stigma of psychedelics is being addressed by clinical research (23:12) 
  • Psychedelics are not a new sacred technology (26:08)
  • There are many ways to reach enlightenment (31:15)
  • The tradition of women and Mystery Rites (37:50)
  • Going beyond the mind. The role of irrationality (43:43)
  • The Mysteries did not disappear in antiquity (53:34)
  • Psychedelics: What do we do with them? (59:05)

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