RW 158 – GET UNSTUCK! 4 Common Pitfalls of the Spiritual Path (How to Both Recognize and Avoid Them)

Ever think there might be an easier way to wake up, become more conscious or more spiritually connected? If you have, or if you are now, this episode is for you! In it, you’ll discover 4 common (often hidden) pitfalls of the spiritual path that might be hindering you. Then, you’ll dive into powerful ways to overcome each one! 💥


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Topics Explored in “Pitfalls of the Spiritual Path”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • Pitfalls and hazards to avoid when working with altered states of consciousness (5:17)
  • Point 1: Some states are habitual and addictive (7:39)
  • Reflective practice: Have you become patterned? Have you trained your consciousness to keep going to the same place? 9:39
  • Intentional Practice 1: I will find the teachers, practices, that serve my soul’s evolution to the highest degree (12:45)
  • Point 2: Becoming unbalanced by overdoing a certain type of practice. Ways to create balance and radical honesty (14:18)
  • Point 3: Pushing away what you’re seeking: Why you need right relationship to seeking (19:12)
  • Intentional Practice 2: I will surrender and stay open to receive the next breadcrumb on the breadcrumb trail (20:41)
  • Point 4: The awakening path through service to other (21:41)
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