RW 153 – SEEKING SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: 3 Ways to Speed Things Up!

Spiritual awakenings are happening easier and quicker than ever! What if you’re (unknowingly) blocking your own spiritual awakenings because of the way you define what they are and how they can happen? Are you following spiritual awakening fads rather than developing a practice that opens you to the real thing, whenever, wherever the come to you? How do you know if the divine is actually seeking YOU? This episode is a MUST for anyone seeking spiritual awakening!

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(Times based off audio version.)

  • Are you (unknowingly) pushing spiritual experiences away? (0:00)
  • Embodiment practice: Soften into the present moment and open to receive spiritual awakenings (12:32)
  • An invitation to get radically honest: What belief systems might be blocking your spiritual awakenings? (17:29)
  • Why your spiritual awakening is always seeking to express itself through you (30:12)
  • Embodiment practice/energetic transmission: come into harmonic resonance in order to open to spiritual awakenings much easier (33:00)
  • LIMITED-TIME invite to join Mystery School (36:49)
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