RW 162 – DARK GODDESS SWORD OF TRUTH: Love & Liberation (Kali, Medusa, Lilith, Hecate, Persephone)

This episode is ALL LOVE & LIGHT! There are gifts in the Dark Goddess sword of truth that bring love and liberation! A deep, fierce love of your soul that calls you toward your greatest potential, rapid transformation, the healing of your deepest wounds, and liberation from the fear that is unconsciously running your life. But are you ready for Her?! Are you ready for THAT MUCH awakening, healing, juice, aliveness, grace, Shakti and life-force soul power?


JUNE 23-26, 2022

ReWilding with the Dark Goddess!!

Radical Liberation & Life Transformation.

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Full details here: 👉 ReWilding with the Dark Goddess

👉 In this episode:

Receive a Dark Goddess energy transmission!! Learn about the energy and gifts of 6 of our favorite Dark Goddesses: Kali, Persephone, Medusa, Hekate, Lilith & Eris. Feel into how the Dark Goddess is currently showing up for you and learn how to work with the wise, powerful love and liberation she offers. Where are you being asked to grow?

👉 This episode is for you if:

  1. You feel as though you’re walking through life half awake
  2. The energy of eclipse season bought up all your old patterns
  3. You hear yourself saying things like: Life will always be like this. I’ll never change that
  4. You know fear is holding you back from making changes in your life
  5. In some areas of your life you feel child-like or that you’re a victim of circumstances
  6. You have a hards time stating your boundaries and standing in your truth

👉 Work With the Dark Goddess:

Dark Goddess Retreat: Experience the liberation, rapid transformation, healing & fierce grace of the Dark Goddess in this online experiential workshop.

FREE 6 Faces of the Feminine Masterclass: Learn more about Divine Feminine archetypes including the Dark Goddess.

Topics Explored in “Dark Goddess Sword of Truth”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • How is the Dark Goddess showing up for you? (0:00)
  • Her sword of truth: This isn’t what’s true for you! (13:59)
  • How she heals the unhealable, loves the unlovable (16:04)
  • Transmutation: Rise from the ashes like the phoenix (19:02)
  • How Kali brings high-level spiritual awakening (22:59)
  • Persephone and rites of passage: Initiation into full feminine expression (25:16)
  • Medusa: The medicine and mystery of serpent energy and Kundalini (27:36)
  • Hekate: Moving beyond unconscious fears, reclaiming power, soul purpose, boundaries  (29:34)
  • Dark Goddess energy is embodied: how it changes everything (32:58)
  • Lilith: Our sexual energy, our bodies, the shame we hold, stepping into tantric gifts (35:03)
  • Eris and soul stamina: Stand in your warrior truth (36:04)
  • Why the Dark Goddess brings aliveness (37:49)
  • Stop fear from running your life: Making the unconscious conscious (40:53)
  • Liberation, rapid transformation and fierce, unconditional love (42:37)
  • The power to follow your deepest truth by taking action (45:42)
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