RW 196 — Unveiling Dark Masculine Energy: Empowerment, Self-Awareness & Relationship Transformation

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In this episode, let’s get uncensored about Dark Masculine energy! What is it? What are the gifts? Working with masculine archetypes, Mars, Eros & Hades (Pluto), the three stages of the masculine, and what’s edgy about the Dark Masculine! Find out how to develop your inner Dark Masculine & why you need this energy to step into all that you can be!


  • What dark sexual energy really is
  • Why Dark Masculine doesn’t mean toxic
  • Is emasculation like the witch burnings?
  • Why the world needs more of this energy!!



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Topics Explored in “Dark Masculine Energy”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • It’s hidden, mysterious, edgy, dangerous & dark (0:00)
  • How Dark Masculine Energy pushes you to grow (3:36)
  • The emasculation of the masculine (7:49)
  • The capacity to call BS on the feminine (12:35)
  • Staying present to absolutely anything! (17:33)
  • Dark, hidden, less accepted, less conscious (21:46)
  • Dark masculine sexuality (24:31)
  • There is more to you! (28:31)
  • Mars: Three stages of the warrior archetype (31:40)
  • Eros: Three stages of sexual expression (36:39)
  • Hades: I see & love your potential (40:13)
  • The gift of the heart-aligned Dark Masculine (43:49)

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