PERSEPHONE: Dark Goddess, Tantrika, Shadow Worker and Queen of the Underworld – Episode 106

However deep, however dark you’re willing to go, Persephone can take you there. 

Are you ready to follow where she leads? Are you ready to meet some of the wildest, most hidden parts of yourself?

Then dip a toe into the Underworld and enter the Queen’s domain. 

Today’s episode offers a thorough introduction to this incredibly multi-faceted, archetypal energy. Join us as we experience just some of the glorious reasons to work with this powerful dark goddess.

Topics Explored in Persephone – Episode 106:

  • Coming out of the princess archetype and into the energy of the queen
  • Power, pleasure, and shadow work
  • Divinizing the wildest, most erotic parts of our sexuality
  • Check out the Dark Goddess workshop and hold the intention of Persephone when diving in to further your experience...

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Watch the Persephone video episode here…

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Persephone Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 106, all about Persephone.

2:00 – She takes us to deep, dark hidden places in not just our sexuality, but relationship. And not just relationship to others, but also our shadow side, and so much more.

5:28 – An invitation to get super curious and ask yourself if there’s any way you can drop in more.

6:20 – Start of the YouTube LIVE portion of the episode.

8:30 – She’s a keeper and initiator of erotic, liberated sexuality.

10:03 – She is the archetypal energy of the queen and assists in transitioning from Princess to Queen.

11:55 – Authentic power vs. distorted power.

13:58 – Let your deeper wisdom centers speak to know if you’re being called to work with Persephone.

16:29 – She can heal old sexual wounds and reprogram old ingrained sexual patterns.

18:04 – Persephone’s shakti can heal the ruts our nervous systems have created.

24:05 – Various versions of the myth of Persephone. What gets brought up for you?

26:33 – Our triggers are such a gift and reveal to us things about ourselves.

28:00 – Persephone teaches us about death and the life/death cycle.

31:15 – This is very triggery territory.

33:40 – Surrender is actually incredibly powerful.

39:00 – Persephone will take you from being like a teenager in relationship to being a mature woman/man.

42:00 – A high-level Persephone woman/man can be totally aligned with the highest good of everything, yet free to push boundaries that you didn’t think you could push.

43:45 – The gift of the dark masculine is so insanely potent and glorious and healing, gifting, enlivening and awakening.

46:30 – We’re celebrating five years of ReWilding by offering 55% off of the 6 Faces of the Feminine online workshops through 31 October. You can hold the intention of Persephone and go through the Dark Goddess workshop!*

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

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