RW 139 – You Can’t Ignore Your Masculine: The Path to Sovereignty with Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist

You cannot awaken the Divine Feminine without embodying the Divine Masculine as well. Join Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist, and Sabrina Lynn for a conversation about how to embody sacred union within self, heal your inner child and come into sacred partnership.


Topics Explored with Christina Lopes (times based off audio version):

  • How your own unhealed, unawakened masculine can repress your feminine unconsciously (7:55)
  • How masculine & feminine energies relate to gender & sexuality—or how they don’t! (12:25)
  • Why working with your own masculine & feminine makes way for sacred partnership (25:30)
  • When you need to do inner child healing work—hint: if you’re still mad at your parents, this one’s for you! (29:20)
  • The three stages of healing your own inner masculine so your feminine can flourish (43:50)
  • Why love is NOT the end-all, be-all when it comes to creating sacred partnership, and other common misconceptions (57:00)
  • Where to follow Christina Lopes and find her amazing, down-to-earth, step-by-step videos about spiritual awakening (1:09:30)
  • You can also leave a comment or question for Sabrina or Christina on the YouTube version of this episode.


About Christina Lopes

My life’s work is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening and open your incredible heart, so you can heal from any challenge, find deep purpose, and live with joy.” – Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH, spent a decade working as a neuropediatric clinician before becoming a life coach, spiritual teacher, author, and entrepreneur in 2013. Today, she bridges science and spirituality to help others heal from trauma, open their hearts, and live fulfilling lives.

She is also committed to making spirituality more measurable and down-to-earth for the average person. Christina’s unique coaching style includes a focus on the heart as the primary driver of healing and transformation, instead of the mind. Through her heart-centered coaching approach, Christina assists others in achieving their fullest potential, living with deep purpose, creating massive impact in the world, and doing all this with joy and happiness.

Christina holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.

Learn more about how to work with Christina Lopes and her offerings at


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Sabrina Lynn, Founder of ReWilding for Women, is a teacher, a guide, an advocate for spirituality beyond just love & light.

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