FORBIDDEN MASCULINE: Unveiling the Secrets, the Gifts & the Challenges – Episode 110

So, you’re ready to reclaim the Feminine within. Are you ready to reclaim the Forbidden Masculine, as well?

Are you ready to take the next step, traverse the triggers, and claim the gifts, the juice, and the life force that the Forbidden Masculine has to offer?

Episode 110 is a continuation of last week’s episode exploring the Forbidden Feminine. It bravely delves into this powerful topic and offers questions and insights to deepen into this journey of discovery.

If you would like to further the exploration into the forbidden, then we highly recommend that you check out the Persephone Online Retreat!

Topics Explored in Forbidden Masculine – Episode 110:

  • With all the buzz around feminine reclamation, why are we ignoring the masculine aspect of us? 
  • Why and how working with our masculine energy is an incredible gift and affects our relationship with the feminine
  • What are we forbidding in ourselves and others? 
  • Experience the raw essence of the masculine for perhaps the first time
  • The Persephone Online Retreat is a great way to get radically honest about the Forbidden Masculine


Watch the Forbidden Masculine video episode here…

Listen to the Forbidden Masculine audio episode here…

Forbidden Masculine Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 110! This episode on the Forbidden Masculine is in response to Episode 109, which is all about the Forbidden Feminine!

0:50 – This is a tricky topic and takes a long runway to get there, so we encourage you to watch it in one sitting! And if there’s a part that triggers you, just hold on!

3:12 – Start of the LIVE.

5:50 – Why go into this topic? Why explore the Forbidden Masculine, or masculine essence at all?

7:33 – This could be a very “trigger-y” episode; we invite all of us to let the triggers be a gift. Part of what we’re doing is cutting through the unconsciousness to see our deep, conditioned patterns.

11:55 – When you feel into Forbidden Masculine, what comes to mind? 

13:39 – Going into raw energetics of masculine essence and feeling into masculine traits. If you’re feeling triggered, notice, but don’t run away.

16:18 – Divine Masculine is half of ourselves. It is a very different state to be in, when we’re in good and healthy relationship to our masculine. We all have masculine and feminine essence.

18:55 – Practice 1: Feeling into the pure essence of the archetype of an innocent young boy.

20:20 – Go to the purity of the masculine, before all of the conditioning. The innocent boy is wired innately very differently from the innocent girl. Let’s honor these profound differences.

23:45 – Practice 2: Feel into how this innocent boy might be wired and then being told they have to be different.

25:55 – What are we forbidding in the masculine? What are we partially judging/not accepting in the masculine?

26:10 – Practice 3: Feel your lover’s (whether a woman or a man) full focus on you as a powerful gift.

29:09 – Part of the masculine essence is being very drawn to witnessing beauty. The polarization of masculine and feminine is what creates the magic.

34:25 – The feminine (because of past conditioning, etc.) may want the full witnessing of her beauty, but feel that she can’t handle it. So she may limit or forbid the masculine to protect herself.

36:37 – Practice 4: Feel into the masculine’s devotion to the feminine… When/where/how is it too much for you?

38:07 – When we resist an aspect of the masculine, we inhibit his divine expression, without and within.

40:15 – Taking that step back and seeing from a bird’s eye perspective: What are we forbidding in our sons? In our lovers? In ourselves?

40:40 – Where are we forcing the masculine to go underground?

42:50 – Stay tuned for more meditations around the masculine (for both women and men) in the near future!

43:39 – We are taking next Saturday off from LIVEs for Thanksgiving

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45:40 – The Persephone Online Retreat is still going on and we will be holding space until December 1st.

46:15 – Huge gratitude and so much love to you!!

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