RW 198 — 5 Questions to Help You Find (and LIVE!) Your Calling + A Soul Alignment Meditation (Soul Purpose)

Just announced! IBIZA IN-PERSON RETREAT: Path of the Priest/ess!

We’re GOING DEEP in this exploration, beyond the limitations of the mind, to help you find (and live) your calling! We’ll dive into the 5 soul purpose questions and do a quick but powerful SOUL ALIGNMENT MEDITATION that can set you on your path in just 30 days!


  • Med School? A retreat center in Brazil? Why that’s not the soul speaking!
  • Why we don’t follow soul unless we have the next ten step laid out!
  • The simple truth about trusting your intuition!
  • WTF is the soul bank account?


Registration is now open for PATH OF THE PRIEST/ESS, our only in-person event for the rest of the year, in Ibiza, Spain, from 2-6 November! Unlock your sacred potential in this 5-day advanced, in-person training: 👉 Details here.


  1. Awaken sacred energies unique to you & learn to radiate them out into the world.
  2. Purify & release the blocks holding you back from stepping further into your priest/ess calling.
  3. Build the stamina to be a priest/ess without becoming depleted by it.
  4. Define and/or refine how you are uniquely called to serve the world. Step into your soul calling!



Topics Explored in “5 Questions to Help You Find (and LIVE!) Your Calling”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Tips for opening up to your sacred calling (0:00)
  • Your real job in life is to find your calling (5:10)
  • Why aren’t you living your calling yet? (10:12)
  • Soul Retrieval Meditation (13:00)
  • Learning the language of soul (18:41)
  • Sacred calling? Bullshit! (22:45)
  • How do you know it’s a soul calling? (26:35)
  • Following the breadcrumb trail (30:33)
  • How to stop living someone else’s life (34:50)
  • Soul Calling Question 1 (39:54)
  • Soul Calling Question 2 (42:36)
  • Soul Calling Question 3 (43:50)
  • Soul Calling Question 4 (46:14)
  • Soul Calling Question 5 (47:56)
  • 44:45 Creating this kind of world (49:55)

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