FINDING FULFILLMENT: 5 Questions that Reveal What Your Soul Craves & Where You’re in the Way – Episode 113

Fulfillment. Confidence. Contentment. Peace. The universe isn’t playing some cruel joke on you by dangling these states just out of reach. No. It’s guiding you.

Longing. Craving. Passion. Insatiable desire. These are some of the universe’s favorite signs. And why shouldn’t they be? They are divine.

And yet, many of us dig in our heels, in one way or another, for some reason or another. Perhaps you’ve told yourself the signs the universe is flashing all around you are a mistake. Your mistake. And must be kept secret, let alone heeded and followed.

Perhaps these emotions themselves feel wrong. Childish. Self-indulgent. Immature.

Or what you are longing for is wrong. Shameful. Taboo. Bad.

And yet… You’re here. And so, you’re ready.

You’re ready to dive into this New Year with a courageous devotion to the truth of your soul. To embrace a deep knowing that the purest essence of what you’re craving for is, and can only be one thing…


In this episode, Sabrina Lynn guides you through this un-earthing with five profound questions, and offers you a free, limited-time gift to turn your new awareness into deep-rooted fulfillment:

ReUnion: Experiencing the Dance of the Evolved Masculine & Sacred Feminine

Topics Explored in Finding Fulfillment – Episode 113:


Watch the Finding Fulfillment video episode here…


Finding Fulfillment Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to ReWilding for Women! This episode isn’t your typical New Year’s self-reflection, resolution talk. We’re going deep, we’re getting raw and gutsy.

2:08 – Set up your space—physical, emotional, psychic, etc—so you can go deep. Because I could offer the deepest, most profound practice, but if you’re not in the space to receive it, nothing is getting in.

First Question:

5:20 – What is your personal myth? 

6:35 – Try figuring out the myth of someone you know well first, someone you can see relatively clearly. What is the narrative they are telling themselves about their life? You can find clues to this by thinking about the themes of music, movies, books they like and people they look up to.

8:00 – Where are you being drawn into someone else’s myth? Play a part that doesn’t call to/fit you?

9:00 – Where are you holding on to a myth, a role that no longer fits?

9:25 – Example of ex paying out myth of a tortured man who is saved by the love of a woman.

14:30 – These are more than just myths, these are our soul longings, our soul callings, our life paths! They can give us huge insight into where our life, or another person’s life is going.

17:00 – We can’t judge our myth or that of another. No myth is good or bad. No myth is better or worse. But society & culture have conditioned us to believe otherwise…

19:00 – Are you trying to fit into a myth that is not authentically yours?

20:50 – What myths or storylines are you longing to live out, to express, to experience? Rather than just reading about or watching them? This gives you clues to your soul purpose, to tour soul fulfillment, to your highest expression of self (at this time.)

Second Question:

24:35 – What myths or roles are you playing out that just don’t fit, no matter how hard you try?

25:10 – You may not be able to step out of this role, but at least you can bring awareness, bring light to your discomfort. That way it isn’t sabotaging you subconsciously.

27:20 – Number one tip for personal and/or spiritual growth: get honest with ourselves!

28:50 – Push outside your comfort zones. Comfort zones are limits, ceilings, boxes.

29:25 – There is no right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse. There is only what’s true. And if it’s totally true, totally pure, it’s coming from a place of high love.

30:10 – What part of your myth is actually a shadow or old wound projecting? And what part of the myth is pure soul? Learn to discern where your shadow is acting out, and what your soul is calling in.

Invitation to ReUnion: Free Week of ReWilding:

31:40 – In this podcast we are just talking, but in this free week of ReWilding (coming the end of January 2021) we are going to actually do the embodiment, experiential work to create deep profound change. This podcast is just trimming the leaves. The full week of workshops will be getting to the roots.

34:55 – It is open to everyone on the gender spectrum, so invite your friends! We will be doing both feminine & masculine essence practices, meaning we are going to take a variety of paths into our hidden places, so you can find what works best for you!

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Question Three:

37:58 – Feeling into the myths or roles you crave that may feel taboo. When distilled to its purest essence, it must be coming from pure love, from high, divine light. Otherwise, there’s still some wounding getting in the way.

42:55 – Personal example of a sexual fantasy that felt extremely shameful and totally incongruous with the other things I craved in my life.

45:10 – Where do you feel like your longings don’t fit together? Like you have to pick one or the other?

46:30 – It’s always both/and. You can have all of the things you crave. Maybe not in your current situation. But you can find a way.

47:35 – Where are your desires, longings, goals battling each other? And which of your personal beliefs are making it either/or? What do you need to let go of, change, shift, built to have both/and?

Question Four:

48:30 – Where are the places—psychic, emotional, physical, past/future—you don’t want to go? What are you avoiding, yet somehow keeps tapping you on the shoulder?

49:50 – How to know you’re getting tapped on the shoulder: sometimes you just know. Sometimes it is a place in your body you don’t go. Or maybe it expresses as a numbness. Or perhaps you distract yourself whenever you get close to it.

50:55 – These are places we will be going in the FREE 7-Day Workshop! *Nudge nudge.*

51:50 – After years of deep work, removing limited beliefs and judgement, I was able to see that my sexual fantasy was actually my high truth: that I crave to live my life completely surrendered to and receiving from the divine.

54:50 – The physical experience of surrender very quickly takes me into that divine expression: just god, everything is god, I am god, there is nothing that is not divinity.

Question Five:

55:25 – What do you to need to do in order to get to the pure essence of what you’re longing for? To find the divinity in that thing that turns you on the most? The thing that makes you feel ashamed, that you hide for everyone? That could fuck up your life but you can’t forget it?

55:50 – Get in there! Do the work! Stop expressing your desires in wounded, shameful, hurtful ways. Because the pure essence of your secret desires are not only an expression of pure love, they are a gift to the world! A gift only you can give.

57:00 – This is the part of why we are here, why we are alive: to express our deepest desires, longings, passions, whatever they are. This is how we truly find flow, find authenticity, find alignment, find fulfillment.


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