SOUL WISDOM: Finding Soul Truth in a Society that Teaches Us to Ignore It (Part 2) – Episode 99

In a surface-level society, when we start to listen to our innate knowing and align our lives with our deepest truths, we may experience resistance.

To live from this place of truth and soul wisdom, however, is unequivocally worth it. 

Why? Because living our deepest truth isn’t just about being honest.

Accessing our deepest truth is also accessing our intuition, authentic self, wisdom, purpose, and path. It’s about our mission, and our deepest love.

And in a world that desperately needs us to show up in our fullness now more than ever, living from our deepest truth is the greatest gift we can offer. 

In this episode, part 2 of 3 in the series, we get real with ourselves about where we are in life and how we are truly  feeling in order to connect with the truths that reside in our depths.

Additionally, we go into practices that will take us past the ego defenses and into this soul wisdom, as well as discuss how to trust the knowings that arise in the face of possible inner and outer pushback. 

This episode moreover sets the stage for the last part in the series, wherein we’ll explore how to consistently act from the realm of soul truth and strengthen our spiritual backbone.

Join us and tune in on Saturday, September 12th at 11am US Pacific Time to continue the conversation further! Here’s the link If you hit the bell, you’ll get a notification just before the LIVE kicks off. If you click the link after the LIVE has taken place you’ll be taken to the replay. 

Topics Explored in Soul Wisdom – Episode 99:

  • What it really means to access our soul wisdom and live from our deepest truth
  • Learning our self-sabotage markers in regards to ignoring our soul’s truth and how to move into trust
  • Spiritual backbone and continuing to trust soul wisdom in spite of resistance
  • Practices for accessing your soul’s deepest truth on a daily basis


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Soul Wisdom Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women! This is part 2 of 3 in this series. You can check out the first part here: YouTube LIVE

1:40 – Why would we want to explore our inner truths, anyway?

2:15 – Intro to this episode: furthering the capacity to tap into deeper truths and what the three basic steps are to live from soul wisdom

7:09 – So much shifting is happening, including the name of these LIVES!! Now under the name, “Sabrina Lynn”

8:50 – Setting the tone for being here fully

10:35 – Practice 1: Showing up wholeheartedly and getting into the body

12:22 – Practice 2: Being real with ourselves about where we are in our lives and how we truly feel

14:30 – Practice 3: Getting quiet and going a layer deeper 

20:50 – Surface level living and having compassion for ourselves as we practice living truthfully

23:55 – Practice 4: Letting our physiology shift to align with the intention of standing in our truth 

31:00 – The more we practice living from our deeper truth, the more in flow and aligned we become

32:40 – These LIVES will go as deep as they can go for being in a public container, but no more than is aligned

36:30 – What prevents us from accessing our inner truth?

37:03 – Practice 5: “I am okay to see whatever the truth is”

40:50 – Our identities may be challenged by this work, but we are constantly evolving human beings!

44:45 – There is no better place to live than that of our deep inner truth, regardless of it challenging ego structures

46:00 – When we live from a place of soul wisdom, what we’re actually tapping into is Divine Mind and the whole web of life

48:30 – The steps are access, trust, and act

51:00- Know your markers and know yourself

55:41 – An invitation to subscribe to our YouTube channel

56:38 – Our two websites: ReWilding for Women and the newest: Sabrina Lynn

57:49 – Announcement of a new Facebook group open to men and women!

1:00:50 – We’ll talk more about step three, acting from our deepest truth place, in the next episode

1:02:22 – At-home Practice: Bringing our focus and intention to how we’re feeling on a deeper level

1:03:45 – Closing comments and gratitude


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