RW 201 — The Feminine’s Capacity For Chaos: Harness The Magic!

A ReWilding Conversation about the feminine’s capacity for chaos and the gifts of working consciously with the energy of chaos… Why the feminine embodies chaos so easily and how we mess up our lives when we deny the truth!

There is enormous potential, with the emerging energy of dwarf planet & emerging archetype, Eris, Goddess of Chaos & Discord, to become empowered co-creators of our lives. Learn how to work with, rather than against, this big, wild energy that’s always operating! Let’s dive into chaos together and rewrite the script on how we work with this wisdom energy!


  • How working with chaos energy helps us process big, wild emotions!
  • Consciously create your life by harnessing the magic of chaos
  • Understand why the feminine becomes the wildly, chaotic one in a relationship (No, you’re NOT crazy!)
  • Why astrologers are talking about the goddess archetype, Eris, Goddess of Chaos & Discord
  • How we waste our energy unconsciously creating chaos & what to do about it.


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Topics Explored in “The Feminine’s Capacity For Chaos”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • A ReWilding Conversation about chaos (0:00)
  • The feminine’s capacity for chaos (3:56)
  • Masculine vs feminine relationship to chaos (7:33)
  • Inviting in the gifts of chaos (11:20)
  • Creating chaos vs surrendering to it (16:26)
  • Why the feminine expresses the wild craziness (21:15)
  • The emerging archetype of Eris, Goddess of Chaos & Discord (27:03)
  • How we waste energy ignoring the truth (29:28)
  • Playing out your victim story (33:41)
  • Why we don’t want to see the truth (35:41)
  • Curiosity & non-judgement (39:44)
  • Know thyself: How to slow down & bring awareness (45:14)
  • Why we need good self-care to own our wildness (51:14)
  • Make it a practice to see what’s irritating you! (56:21)
  • Powerful ways to harness the magic of chaos (1:02:24)

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