RW 191 – The Astrology of July 17th: Nodes Shifting, New Moon in Cancer, Grand Cross & Venus Retrograde

🌙 THE ASTROLOGY OF JULY 17TH gives you the alchemist’s power to create your life! The Lunar Nodes shifting at the NEW MOON IN CANCER, Pluto square the nodes forming a Grand Cross, and Venus in shadow about to station retrograde… The astrology of July is big, wild & soulful, karmic, fated & evolutionary! Here’s how to embrace the magic, avoid the booby traps and take an evolutionary leap forward at this KARMIC SKIP STEP!



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  • 6 practices for your new moon ritual
  • Why this is the new moon of the alchemist’s!
  • Sovereignty, inner authority & getting aligned with your feminine energy
  • Empaths… this is our time!


Topics Explored in “The Astrology of July 17th”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Wild, potent astrology & mystical releasing of karma (0:00)
  • Take an evolutionary leap forward (5:54)
  • Dissolving deep, unconscious belief systems (9:44)
  • Create space & time for deep transformation (13:55)
  • Writing practice for getting into hidden parts of self (17:30)
  • Why the gift is in the trigger (19:16)
  • Your soul is doing a happy dance! (22:14)
  • Sovereignty: Not losing Self in relationships (25:48)
  • Commitment to shadow work (not addiction to it) (29:52)
  • Deep, core values & soul alignment (32:38)
  • The alchemist’s power to create your life (36:11)
  • How do I weave more thread more truly? (41:04)
  • Make it soulful (Don’t let the ego mess it up) (44:44)
  • The evolution of relationships (46:54)
  • The opportunity in this skip step (50:47)
  • Honoring your emotions (55:13)
  • Push into the unknown (1:00:52)

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