RW 186 – APHRODITE’S SECRETS: Discovering Sensuality, Self-Love & Inner Beauty (How to Work with Aphrodite)

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In this incredible transmission, we’re discovering sensuality, self-love and inner beauty and all of APHRODITE’S SECRETS! This is the Lover Goddess like you’ve never seen her before! How to know if she’s calling to you, what’s the benefit of working with this energy and how to do it… Plus her shadow side, the three stages we all go through and an inspiring vision of what the world would be like if we ALL expressed this stunning frequency of love!



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  • Get to the depths of the LOVER GODDESS like never before! (Seriously… what is all this GODDESS talk?)
  • Your 3 BIG QUESTIONS answered: Is she calling, what will happen, how do I do this?
  • APHRODITE’S SECRETS to loving your body, experiencing pleasure and calling in what you want!
  • FIND OUT exactly where you’re at and is this for you!

Topics Explored in “Aphrodite’s Secrets”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Are you being called by the Lover Goddess? (0:00)
  • Discovering sensuality, self-love & inner beauty (5:51)
  • What to do if you’re triggered (9:04)
  • Embodying & expressing the archetypes (11:11)
  • Signs you need to work with Aphrodite (14:18)
  • Being a priestess of the Temple of Aphrodite (18:20)
  • Feminine magnetism & manifestation (19:46)
  • Embodying radiance vs. manipulation (23:40)
  • How to work through the shadow side (28:12)
  • A state of being rather than doing (30:24)
  • Self-love & radical acceptance of the feminine (34:32)
  • How to work with Aphrodite (37:33)
  • Dedicated practice to awaken Shakti (39:51)
  • Stage 1: Dormant (42:47)
  • Stage 2: Developing or distorted (45:31)
  • Stage 3: Divine expression (49:01)
  • Addiction to pleasure & other shadow aspects (52:47)
  • The capacity to serve the moment (59:14)
  • A world that is alive with this energy! (1:03:20)

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