This is not another “out-there”, surface-level conversation about Goddesses. It’s an invitation to go deep within oneself via archetypal embodiment work in order to heal and awaken to more of your inner world.

Archetypal embodiment takes a woman beyond her logical, every-day state of consciousness and into the deeper realms of her psyche where true transformation lies.

The 6 Lover Goddesses we open to in this episode are: Aphrodite, Mary Magdalene, Lalita, Juno, Parvati and Psyche. The 4 Sub-Lover Goddesses we also talk about are: Medusa, Lilith, Isis and Persephone.

When we step into the energy and the practices of the Lover Goddesses, as we do in this episode, we start to awaken our entire being to a more enlivened, love-filled, receptive, ecstatic and awakened state. From this place, we are able to explore and reclaim a fuller expression of who we are. 

Here’s to the reclamation and expression of our all-ness (including the parts we’re not yet aware of)!!

Enjoy the episode!


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The online programs that support this episode are “Journey Into the Lover Goddesses” online workshop and “Sexual Healing & Awakening” online retreat.


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