RW 210 — November 13th Astrology: NEW MOON IN SCORPIO (Shadow Work with Scorpio & Self Mastery with Saturn)

This New Moon in Scorpio brings turmoil, intensity, passion & depth! You’ll hear all about that in this episode on the November 13th Astrology.

With the New Moon conjunct Mars & opposite Uranus, as well as Saturn opposite Hekate, Black Moon Lilith & asteroid Lilith… there’s some really exciting opportunities to reclaim, remember and open up to exactly what you need in your life as we approach the new year!

Get ready for your new chapter at this Scorpio New Moon with ways to find out what area of your life is under the spotlight and how to work with the energy! This November is about deep inner journeying!


  • Don’t be afraid of Saturn! How this is all about self-mastery!
  • What needs to be revealed in your life before the start of the new year?
  • How to move the Scorpionic stagnant energy in your life so you can really bloom!
  • Are your inner masculine & feminine energies at war? It might be time to do deep sacred union work in the shadow realms!



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Listen to “New Moon in Scorpio” podcast here

Topics Explored in “New Moon in Scorpio”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Confession time with a friend! (0:00)
  • Turmoil, intensity, passion & depth (5:22)
  • The month for inner journeying (10:03)
  • Self-mastery through discipline (12:29)
  • What area of life is under the spotlight? (17:09)
  • Finding a match for the wild, dark feminine (19:14)
  • Journey into deeper states of consciousness (24:09)
  • Moving stagnation & stuck energy out (28:45)
  • Shadow work & sacred union (31:44)
  • Masculine & feminine evolution & projection (35:49)
  • Lightning bolt change & the mystical view (40:13)
  • Your chance to blossom (45:13)

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