RW 155 – The Secret to Ecstatic Feminine Freedom (and Spiritual Liberation) is NOT What You Think!

The secret isn’t dancing, relaxing your body or any other “feminine practice”. It’s actually something that most would consider extremely masculine. Curious as to what this could be?! Find out exactly what it is and how to work with it in the episode!

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Topics Explored in The Secret to Ecstatic Feminine Freedom:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • How this secret helps free us from all the baggage we carry… Childhood wounds, old family patterns, karmic imprints (2:51)
  • What kind of freedom makes a real difference to YOUR life? GREAT REFLECTIVE QUESTION! (8:06)
  • How this secret leads to ecstatic feminine freedom… even orgasmic freedom! 😉 (13:42)
  • How to create a sacred container that leads to even more freedom (19:45)
  • Practice that becomes freedom practice: Learn to follow how the energy wants to move and serve the moment (21:17)
  • LIMITED-TIME invite to Persephone (+Hades) Online Retreat (22:17)
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