RW 156 – Is Your Inner Work Working? What If There’s A Quicker, More Powerful, More Evolutionary Way?!

What if there’s a quicker, more powerful, more profound, more awakening, more evolutionary way of doing inner work?

Things are changing! We’re blowing up old paradigms. The process of evolution is quickening. People are waking up at such rapid rates.

The path towards empowerment doesn’t need to be so long and difficult. We have the opportunity to explore this in a quicker, more powerful, more evolutionary way by uniting certain energies within. We’ll talk about these two evolutionary energies in the episode and we’ll work with them in The ReUnion Experience!

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Topics Explored in “Is Your Inner Work Working?”:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • Are we doing men’s and women’s groups ALL WRONG? (8:08)
  • Do we need enlightenment to be hard and dramatic so that we know it’s working? 😬 (12:17)
  • Heart connected to power and ability to make creations manifest. This is full potential living, being on the razor’s edge of soul purpose. ✨  (22:13)
  • We’ve moved beyond old paradigms. THIS is the sacred technology for our time. (28:07)
  • Calling us out on codependency. (31:22)
  • Invite to The ReUnion Experience (33:44)
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