MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGY Within: Are They Fighting or Loving One Another? – Episode 105

How does your masculine and feminine energy dance with one another?

Are they wrestling for control? Tripping over each other’s feet? Or are they supporting each other in equal harmony, allowing the grace of their shared union to coalesce with beauty and ease?

In Episode 105, we explore these energies within ourselves on a level that often goes unseen, but where the real alchemizing happens. 

Get ready to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, as this episode invites you to take full ownership of your own masculine and feminine energy.

If you want to continue this exploration further, the Sexual Healing and Awakening workshop is a great place to start! Furthermore, if you’re free next Saturday, 24 October, join us at 11:00am US Pacific Time for another conscious conversation on the YouTube LIVE.


Topics Explored in Masculine and Feminine Energy – Episode 105:

  • What is our relationship to our own masculine and feminine energy? How about to another person’s?
  • This dynamic affects every aspect of life
  • Letting go of the shame of “not good enough”
  • Check out the Sexual Healing and Awakening workshop for a deeper exploration of this subject (made for both men and women!)

Watch the Masculine and Feminine Energy video episode here…

Listen to the Masculine and Feminine Energy audio episode here…

Masculine and Feminine Energy Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 105! This episode is about the masculine and feminine within us, specifically, those aspects of the masculine and feminine that we’re not seeing

1:00 – When the dance of the masculine and the feminine is off-kilter, it influences everything

2:28 – Let’s walk into it with that radically honest, open, and vulnerable attitude

2:58 – Would love to invite you to join us on the LIVES, if you’re ever free on a Saturday at 11:00am US Pacific Time

3:47 – Start of the LIVE. The aim is to take you into places you haven’t yet seen

5:27 – Practice: Feel into these four different types of relationships: self to one’s own feminine, self to another’s feminine, self to one’s own masculine, and self to another’s masculine. Is there harmony there?

8:30 – Are these comfortable places for you?

11:05 – Can there be reverence?

14:22 – Enough of the shaming of not being masculine or feminine enough

16:00 – Collectively, we are moving to a place of such fluidity

18:28 – When the masculine and feminine inside yourself are not loving each other, how does this show up for you in your life?

21:18 – The mindset of “not good enough” and the guilt/self-care relationship

25:45 – There’s more value placed on masculine traits in our culture, so oftentimes we feel less guilty when we’re in our masculine

27:11 – In other places of the world, different aspects of the feminine are revered more/less and in different ways

29:25 – What have we bought into about what is/is not feminine?

30:15 – Can explore feminine and masculine traits through archetypes

31:30 – There is no place this energy doesn’t translate — it affects every single relationship you have, in addition to your creativity and your sexuality

33:55 – Our world has such a distorted relationship between masculine and feminine energy

35:15 – “You can never heal until you get into the level of the archetypal essence of something.” – Carl Jung

37:57 – Our Sexual Healing and Awakening online workshop supports going into these essences, beyond the mind for deep, deep exploration, and was designed for both men and women to go into

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40:25 – Also opening up Inner Circle in the next few weeks if you want to work consistently together!

41:00 – Gratitude and hope to connect with you soon!


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