RW 170 – LION’S GATE 2022 (Embodied Astrology) All You Need to Know About Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th

Learn how to work with this Lion’s Gate Portal 2022 in an embodied way: Lion’s Gate rituals, meditations and practice suggestions for Lion’s Gate 2022 and the astrology surrounding it.

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Topics Explored in “Lion’s Gate 2022“:

(Times based off audio version.)

  • What is the Lion’s Gate portal? (2:20)
  • States of consciousness (6:54)
  • The archetypal realms (8:52)
  • The doorway to this Lion’s Gate (15:46)
  • Practice: Parting the clouds (18:05)
  • Practice: The two parts of self (22:15)
  • Practice: Find your soul & let it be moved (25:28)
  • Uranus, Mars, North Node, Kali Conjunction (30:27)
  • Mars square Saturn (33:06)
  • Venus opposite Pluto (37:21)
  • Practice: Be honest about what you’re longing for (42:18)
  • ReWilding Your Relationships (46:39)
  • Practice: The Lion’s Gate Challenge (49:11)

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