RW 151 – From Tension to Trust: Small Daily Shifts that Evoke More Connection & Depth with Lisa Page

Are you inviting love, connection, depth into your life? Or in subtle ways are you keeping yourself separate from it? Learn from sacred intimacy coach Lisa Page the simple, essential shift you can make every day, in any moment—no matter where you are or what you are doing—to allow yourself to receive the fullness of life you are yearning for.

Topics Explored with Lisa Page:

  • The first step to opening yourself to experience the fullness of life more & more often (28:30)
  • Why it’s essential that we practice expressing ALL emotions, even anger or hurt (46:05)
  • How to evoke responsiveness vs defensiveness: invitation vs accusation (55:35)
  • Why you can’t hide what you’re feeling from those around you, no matter how hard you try (1:00:15)
  • Step-by-step practice for what to do when you realize you are tense, closing down (1:16:30)
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About Lisa Page

Lisa Page is an international teacher, author, and women’s mentor who has been exploring the deeper truths of life, love, spirit, and sex for over 25 years with teachers like David Deida and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She’s shared what she’s discovered along the way, through her private mentoring, group programs, and writing.

Lisa’s teachings are rooted in ancient spiritual traditions and ground-breaking embodiment techniques. She paves the way for those who wish to practice the yoga of intimacy with integrity and artistry, and shows them new ways to recognize the radiant love that is alive in each new moment, and how to fearlessly embody that Love in their own unique way.

Learn more about Lisa’s programs and coaching at


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