RW 226 — BEING FEMININE: How to Heal (and Stop Judging) the Feminine! (Divine Feminine Mysteries Part 2)

It’s time to own being feminine in the second part of this series, as we bring you a game changer for the Feminine from ReWilding For Women Mystery School! Experience the magic of sitting in LIVE Circle with Sabrina Lynn in BEING FEMININE: How to Heal (and Stop Judging) the Feminine! We journey into the depths of feminine longing, the vulnerability of speaking your needs, how we all unknowingly judge and deny the feminine, why we need to be esteemed from within, how seeing our deep feminine wounds will help us step into next-level relationships, and more!


  • We are magnificent creators of our reality! Can we create more of what our feminine essence is longing for?
  • We’re threatened by feminine radiance! 
  • Projection in relationships: We assume we’ll be too much & too needy!
  • The world is very masculinized! How to value your feminine “beingness.”And more!



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Listen to “Being Feminine: How to Heal (and Stop Judging) the Feminine!” podcast here…

Topics Explored in “Being Feminine: How to Heal (and Stop Judging) the Feminine!” podcast:

(Times based off audio version).  

  • Understanding the Feminine Mysteries is a life-long journey! (0:00)
  • Honoring what the feminine needs (4:09)
  • How we unknowingly judge and deny the feminine (7:49)
  • The difference between feminine & masculine energy (10:57)
  • How objectification diminishes the threat of the feminine (14:02)
  • The vulnerability of letting your truth be seen (16:15)
  • Own your fear of being too much (18:59)
  • Viewing your needs through a masculine construct (22:30)
  • Feminine “beingness” is not valued (Why we need soul esteem) (24:48)
  • Letting go of self-judgement (28:05)
  • Flowing between feminine & masculine (30:05)
  • Deep truths coming to light that rock the boat (35:07)
  • Seeing the wound helps us shift into the new (37:52)

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A gifted facilitator of soul journeys and a revolutionary spiritual teacher leading the way into New Earth sacred technologies, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Method and founder of ReWilding For Women.

Her unique body of work, with both women and men around the world, centers around embodiment, archetypal journeying, sacred sexuality & sacred union.

ReWilding™ is a modality of healing that allows people to strip away the false and reveal their true and unique soul light,  building their innate capacity to shine it in the world in a way that’s most authentic to them.

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