RW 137 – “I Am Enough”: Why You DON’T Need to Heal Everything

We get so focused on healing, fixing, processing, that sometimes we forget the point—to feel in our bones that “I Am Enough.” Learn from Sabrina Lynn how to know when more processing or shadow work isn’t going to help, and learn a meditation embodiment practice that will help you know “I Am Enough” in any moment.


Topics Explored in “I Am Enough” (times based off audio version):

  • How the ego secretly takes over so that we become “addicted” to shadow work (8:20)
  • Practice suggestion: Staying devoted to what’s true, rather than what feels “productive” (10:00)
  • What Chiron can teach us about healing through acceptance rather than processing (15:03)
  • How our cracks, our wounds, our humanness, make us divine (17:45)
  • Guided practice: How to open yourself to more soul and stay true to the moment (21:10)
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Sabrina Lynn, Founder of ReWilding for Women, is a teacher, a guide, an advocate for spirituality beyond just love & light.

She believes in both/and… Light and dark. Humility and power. Wildness and civility. Grace and a kick in the pants.

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