RW 213 — Meditation Secrets for Women (or the Feminine) with Two Feminine Meditation Practices

In Meditation Secrets for Women (or the Feminine), you’ll learn how feminine meditation practices might be easier for you!

Has stillness, “no mind” meditation been challenging for you? Has your meditation practice become stale?

Try the two feminine meditation practices in this episode! (They could change your life!)

DON’T MISS: 👉 The number one practice that feminine embodiment expert, Sabrina Lynn, wants you to know!

💥 Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • 12 meditations secrets for women (or the feminine).
  • Two feminine meditation practices to get you started today.
  • The blessings in your sensitivity.
  • Why you need to learn to receive.
  • Why masculine-based meditations practices might be hurting your health and shutting down your feminine .
  • The reason why the feminine is drawn to the wild!


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Listen to “Meditation Secrets for Women” podcast here

Topics Explored in “Meditation Secrets for Women”:

(Times based off audio version).

  • The mysteries of the heights & the depths (0:00)
  • An easier way to meditate! (5:29)
  • What is masculine meditation? (10:01)
  • Secret No.1: Accepting the wild feminine (13:35)
  • Secret No.2: Trust your feminine wisdom (17:33)
  • Secret No.3: Move energy through your system (21:48)
  • Secret No. 4: The blessing of sensitivity (23:37)
  • Secret No. 5: You’re limiting your amount of pleasure (27:58)
  • Secret No. 6: Give yourself permission to be weird (31:20)
  • Tree of Life PRACTICE (33:38)
  • Secret No. 7: Meditation can be anything! 38:49)
  • Secret No. 8: Have a strong, sacred, safe container (41:48)
  • Secret No. 9: Discernment (47:12)
  • Secret No. 10: Daily practice (51:53)
  • Feminine Meditation PRACTICE (55:36)
  • Secret No. 11: Power of the pause (1:00:33)
  • Secret No. 12: Masculine + Feminine (1:05:10)

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A gifted facilitator of soul journeys and a revolutionary spiritual teacher leading the way into New Earth sacred technologies, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Method and founder of ReWilding For Women.

Her unique body of work, with both women and men around the world, centers around embodiment, archetypal journeying, sacred sexuality & sacred union.

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