The Wounded Healer Archetype & Your Soul Contract – Episode 66

Chiron, the Medicine Man of the archetypal tribe, is the renowned “Wounded Healer”. This fascinating, potent archetype invites us to reflect on any personal wounds (emotional, mental and physical) from an ultimately curious standpoint in order to access our most sacred healing gifts.

In today’s episode, we discuss how to transmute our wounds into our gifts by working closely with Chiron, and why right now is such a potent time astrologically to do so. We celebrate Chiron and his gifts, both shamanic and medicine man, as well as his spiritual mysteries…

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Please note that the online workshop referred to in this podcast is available in Inner Circle.

Full length audio version

Wounded Healer Archetype – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

0.45: Invitation to Join ReWilding Livestreams
2.10: New Online Workshop
3.10: Invitation to Join Inner Circle
4.44: Choice in Presence
6.00: How Can You Show Up For Yourself In the Highest Possible Way?
9.00: Invitation to Step In or Step Out
11.00: Stepping Into the Wounded Healer
12.30: Chiron Astrological Update
16.25: We All Have Chiron In Our Birth Charts
20.00: Working With the Wounded Healer Allows Us To Live in Deeper Alignment
22.12: What are the Challenges You’ve had to Overcome in This Life?
24.50: Looking at Our Wounds From a Detached, High Place With Ultimate Curiosity
28.10: What Wounds Are We Not Ready to Touch?
30.50: Feeling Into the Mysteries, Shamanic Qualities, and Medicine Man Gifts of Chiron
32.30: Chiron is the Medicine Man of the Tribe
36.30: The Wounded Healer Carries a Key Piece of Who We Are
38.30: How to Work With Chiron
41.00: Invitation to Join Inner Circle
42.30: Q&A: How Does Chiron Energy Show Up?
44.44: Q&A: What’s the Global Impact of Chiron? Why Was He Chosen As a Topic This Month?
51.30: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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Image: Allison Kaila Vallecillo, Reaching Out