RW 136 – Kali, Lilith, Persephone, Medicine Woman or Sacred Prostitute? Which Wild Woman Archetype Holds the Healing & Gifts You Seek?

LIMITED TIME: How will the Medicine Woman heal your body by healing your connection to the earth? What will Persephone teach you about being Sovereign in relationship to the masculine, without giving up your innocence? How will Kali rip away the lies you are telling yourself so you can finally get unstuck? How will your relationship to joy and bliss and ecstasy bloom, when you heal your relationship to your sexual energy? Oh, the wild woman archetypes… the gifts, wisdom and POWER they bring us!

These are just a few of the questions Sabrina Lynn answers in one of our juiciest episodes EVER. Seriously, if you want concrete examples of how the Divine Feminine will transform your life… this is it! AND just in time for Friday the 13th!

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Topics Explored in Wild Woman Archetype (times based off audio version):

  • Medicine Women & Birthing a New World: Reconnect with the natural rhythms, cycles and magic of the natural world, of the moon, of the blood cycle and of the death/birth cycle… and watch it transform your body and health (6:40)
  • Kali: Dance in the fierce grace of Kali, as she burns, rips apart, destroys the internal limits that are holding you back from your greatest potential… and discover the simple yet profound shifts you can make to transform your life (15:15)
  • Sacred Prostitute & Sexual Healing and Awakening: Unleash all the magic you have been suppressing, the magic that is behind all of life, all of creation, all of Shakti… and experience both pleasure and power to an exponential degree  (20:55)
  • Sexual Healing and Awakening IN-PERSON RETREAT
  • Persephone: Experience rapid initiation from immature, naive maiden into Sovereign Queen, standing in maturity, power and discernment (in relation to both the Masculine & Mother archetypes) without losing joyful innocence (26:05)
  • Lilith: Learn how to STOP overriding your truth to please others, how to own your “NO” with love and how to let go of needing the approval and good opinion of others (34:10)
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