Set Yourself Free.
Stand in Your Power.
Live Your Truth.

Lilith: Wild Woman, Dark Goddess, Feminine Awakener & Liberator.

Lilith is the archetypal energy of the wild feminine, an energy that represents the most primal & most misunderstood expressions of Self.

Keeper of feminine mysteries and warrior for truth, Lilith embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of sacred rage, uninhibited sensuality, and unbridled freedom.

One of the great gifts of working with Lilith is how she takes you to the deep hidden places within yourself and shines a light on that which you most want to hide or deny, or can’t yet see: your distortions, wounding, fear and suppression around your sensuality, power and authenticity, and how it is expressed in the world.

Ultimately Lilith highlights these areas within you so you can become unbound by them. She will powerfully take you to your shadow around feminine energy, and then liberate you from it to reveal your gifts, your power, your truth.

A few things we explore in this retreat:

  • Awakening - awaken suppressed and hidden parts within
  • Release - release trauma, wounds, limitations, blockages and pain
  • Purification - purify your anger and rage, grief and heartache
  • Liberation - break free from what’s holding you back
  • Reclamation - reclaim lost parts of Self, reclaim your power, unlock soul gifts
  • Transformation - transform your life from the inside out
  • Empowerment - live your life from radical honesty, integrity and truth
  • Sacred Sensuality - heal, reclaim and express your wild, beautiful, sensual Self

Watch Now – Your Personal Invitation


The retreat is specifically designed with each of these five workshops building on each other to help you explore the full spectrum of Lilith's energy (her three stages: dormant, distorted, divine), in a supportive and integrative way.


LIBERATION (Workshop 1)
Wild Woman Liberation: An Initiatory Opening to Lilith
> Awaken suppressed and hidden aspects of Self to break free from what's holding you back.


Invoke Lilith as Serpent Energy
> Alchemically heal and release trauma, wounds, limitations and pain.
> Then c
ommunicate directly with Lilith to translate her wisdom into your life.


AWAKENING (Workshop 3) 
Invoke Lilith as the Awakener and Illuminator
> Move through the three stages of Lilith: from dormant to distorted to divine.


RECLAMATION (Workshop 4)
Invoke Wild Woman Lilith as Keeper of Primal Sensuality
> Reclaim your sensuality, your pelvis and reproductive system, your “sacred space” within.


EMPOWERMENT (Workshop 5)
Finally, honor the High Truth of Lilith
> Let Lilith show you that the mystical truth she embodies... is also in you.

NOTE: Four of the workshops have been previously shared within ReWilding Inner Circle. That program is now closed and these recordings are only available via this Lilith Workshop and Retreat experience.

Access Lilith Today

Lilith Workshop

$27 USD
  • 1-Part Online Workshop:
    > Workshop 1

    If you wish to continue the full Lilith Retreat after this workshop, you can upgrade to the 5-Day Retreat in your member’s area (additional payment of $170 required).
  • Perfect for beginners or if you just want to dip a toe in.

Lilith Retreat

$197 USD
  • 5-Part Online Retreat:
    > Workshops 1-5
    > Informational Lectures
    > Daily & Deepening Practice Recommendations
    > Lilith Spotify Playlist & Pinterest Board
  • Perfect if you’re ready to experience the full potential of Lilith’s primal transformative power.

How it Works


    Start your journey today. When you complete your purchase you'll receive a welcome email with full access to your workshop/retreat.
    This 40-minute video guides you through ReWilding's foundational modalities to help you get the most out of your Lilith experience. 
    The workshops are each approximately one hour long and come in both video and audio format.
    Some of the workshops have been previously shared within ReWilding Inner Circle. That program is now closed and these recordings are only available via this Lilith Workshop and Retreat experience.
    Additional lectures, daily & deepening practice recommendations and a curated playlist & art board to help deepen your retreat journey. (Only available in the Lilith 5-Part Retreat.)
    All video, audio and retreat bonus material will be located in your member's area. The Lilith Online Retreat is designed to take one week to complete, and the Lilith Online Workshop one day to complete, but you’ll have ongoing access so you can journey at your own pace. We promise to notify you one month in advance if there will be any changes to your access.
    (Optional) Online community where you can share your experiences, ask questions and connect with others on the ReWilding path.

The Deepest, Most Transformative Reclamation & Embodiment Work Online

During this online retreat we'll step into multiple ReWilding workshops together. These workshops are a unique blend of sacred technologies from the feminine wisdom traditions. They'll move you beyond the logical, rational-thinking mind and into deeper realms of Self, where true transformation and awakening lies.

We work with extremely powerful and esoteric archetypal-embodiment practices used to invoke and commune with our personal archetypes (or parts of Self). We also work with powerful shamanic and tantric practices that work on deep, inner alchemical levels of our beings.

If it sounds fluffy... it’s not! These practices will shift, heal, open and transform your inner and outer worlds. This is the deepest, most transformative feminine reclamation and embodiment work you can do!

No previous experience is necessary—this retreat is open to all those who primarily identify as women, and are ready to take the journey inward.


Profoundly positive impact on my life

"Amazing! It is the deepest, most transformational work I’ve accessed online and the safest, most lovingly powerful, no-bullshit sisterhood with true support. I feel it’s having a profoundly positive impact on my life, growth and healing."
~ Stacey

The videos are so powerful!

"The videos are so powerful - the practices and space that you open have shifted SO much for me. It is hard to even describe."
~ Sarah

I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding.

"I literally have recommended ReWilding to every woman I know. I have experienced things in ReWilding that I would never have known possible. So many of the teachings seem mystical but logical at the same time and I find myself saying, 'Why didn't I think of that; it makes so much sense!' I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding."
~ Stefanie

I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop

"I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop. I love it. I love the physicality and depths and heights, as well as the tools that are given."
~ Katie


Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has had a profound impact on thousands of women across the globe. Known internationally for her unique workshops on spiritual embodiment, reclamation of the Divine Feminine and women's awakening path, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective practices that facilitate awakening and transformation on all levels.

Sabrina brings 13 years of teaching, speaking, facilitating and coaching experience to her work. She has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Her audiences connect with her down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable awakenings, transformations and healings.

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