Wild Woman Meets Feminine Mystic: An Initiation Into These Divine Feminine Energies – Episode 103

Divine feminine energy is on the rise. 

Not that it ever really went away, but for so long, it was caged, suppressed, and shut down within us.

In today’s episode — a juicy one full of transmissions — we dive into two specific aspects of the divine feminine: the Wild Woman and the Feminine Mystic. 

We peel back the layers of this subject and ourselves as we explore how the high, vibratory light of mystic energy combines with the authentic irreverence of the Wild Woman to shake up our world and our lives in the best ways possible. 

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Topics Explored in Wild Woman Meets Feminine Mystic – Episode 103:

  • Wild Woman and Feminine Mystic energy within us and in society
  • The importance of self-care and creating a world around us that supports this path
  • The feminine awakening path as a path of embodiment 
  • Put words to the concept of the Wild Woman meeting the Feminine Mystic in the YouTube comments for a chance to win an online workshop!

Wild Woman Meets Feminine Mystic Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 103! Really good transmissions in this episode around Wild Woman and Feminine Mystic

3:14 – Start of the LIVE portion

5:12 – Let’s really open our hearts and open to feminine energy and feminine spirituality 

8:14 – It feels like the greatest way we can serve right now is to hold a sacred space for all aspects of the feminine

10:27 – How can we stay soft, open, and vulnerable, in a strong and gifting way?

13:20 – Practice: Wild Woman meets Feminine Mystic — what does that feel like in your body?

14:18 – Our YouTube comment contest this week will be to put words around this — comment under the video

15:05 – We have an opportunity to pioneer a new feminine

17:22 – There’s an aspect of immature Wild Woman that most of us have to go through to get to the high level expression of Wild Woman

18:22 – The process of Wild Woman reclamation is analogous to the three stages of Lilith

20:40 – Third stage is when soul/mystic/spirit weaves in with Wild Woman

23:25 – Practice: If you were going to feel into Wild Woman within you, what is a word that describes your Wild Woman right now?

25:41 – Shifting and feeling into feminine, mystic energy and high vibratory light

26:55 – The Feminine Mystic path requires a capacity to feel so deeply because it’s an embodied path

29:10 – You don’t get to work with Shakti without all the layers that keep you separate being stripped back

33:15 – There’s a soul stamina that’s required and that shifts the ways we support and care for ourselves

34:10 – When we do the authentic reclamation of the feminine, life changes 

38:05 – At some point along the path, the pain isn’t as painful — it’s just energy and wisdom

38:48 – We’re doing LIVES every Saturday if you feel called to share or support our channel by subscribing or leaving comments


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  1. Linda Domenosky on October 9, 2020 at 12:15 am

    I am woman but I do more than roar. Ive transfered my feminine mystic while in my relationships. I share all of my energy , love, smell energy , taste femminne energy. Pushing myself further, penetrating in the wild woman that I am. I am what I am. Love you Sabrina

    • rewildingadmin on October 16, 2020 at 9:01 am

      Thank you for sharing Linda!!! So happy to have family here, inspiring through action along with us!
      💛 Malea