Shadow Work: How to Do It – Episode 69

Engaging in shadow work is one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves. With 95% of our inner workings operating in the unconscious realms, there is no limit to the mysteries and the power that is held within the hidden aspects of self.

In today’s episode, we dive into the subject of the shadow. We explore some of the prevalent patterns and defenses that inhibit us from growing or moving forward. We discuss the various practices that can best serve us in breaking through; and we experience the magic of coming together in circle and how it allows us to go deeper and further on our journey to ‘know thyself’.

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Shadow Work – in this episode:

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0.10: Introduction to Today’s Topic
3.58: Invitation to Join ReWilding Community
5.25: Setting Intentions to Be Here in Circle
8.00: Energetic Differences Between Livestreams and Podcasts
11.30: Bringing Intention and Breathing Into the Circle
14.40: Shadow is Not Left-Brained and Logical – Stepping Beyond That
16.10: Holding the Whole of Your Shadow in Love
19.15: Why It’s Difficult to Access the Shadow
21.11: Just As Many Defenses and Protections Around Stepping Into One’s Light As Into the Darkness
25.00: Question: Which Patterns Do You Use to Protect the Deep and Hidden Stuff?
28.00: Part of the Magic of Coming Together Is Going Places We’d Never Be Able To Go On Our Own
36.00: Asking “What Is not Working?” is a Great Place to Start In Shadow Work
40.30: Doing Both Masculine and Feminine Practices Will Take You Into Different Parts of the Shadow
41.20: Most of Us In Feminine Bodies Are Innately Wired for Feminine Practices
43.00: Feminine Practices – Embodiment Practices, Opening to Shakti, Movement
47.50: Everything is Shadow Work
49.10: Invitation to Join Inner Circle
52.30: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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ReWilding For Women is a unique set of practices that draws from tantra, shamanism, astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, and personal inquiry. Our signature ReWilding practices peel back the inauthentic layers we may have absorbed and assist us in awakening to the fullness of self.

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Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team

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  1. Rhonda (Rhondella) on October 22, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    I started doing Shadow work when I turned 30. Got a degree in human services, work through a lot of self-help books and took myself to counseling, off and on, over a period of about 12 years. I was able to work through many psychological areas of mental and emotional wounds, surrounding childhood abuse and ancestral wounds. However, I never called it Shadow work….More like self care. Thought I had worked through most everything but I now realize there are adulting wounds; wounds I brought on myself , by making some poor choices.
    I am now in the best relationship of my life, with a man that deserves the best of everything I can give but I can’t give it! I realize I shut myself down, subconsciously, after my previous relationship. There was acceptance and wailing. Then nothing. I’m married my husband because he asked me, for security and because I have known him since I was 18. We have been married almost 5 years now and the shutting myself down to love and beloved has caused me to lose my sex drive. I’ve got the herbs in the supplements to aid in this area but I know there’s work to be done in the psyche, as well, so I’ve been putting it off. This has caused Great strain on our marriage and I need help.
    I’ve never been introduced to the feminine or masculine parts of myself until I ran across Rewilding. After watching many of the podcast, I realize that this is exactly what I need!
    I believe I’ve worked with the Mother, Warrior and Medicine aspects. Maybe there’s more work to do there but I definitely think I need to do work in the area of the Dark goddess and Lover aspects.
    I don’t have a clue on how to do this! I received a call from my counseling center stating it would cost me $140 an hour to see her from now on – my insurance wouldn’t cover it.
    I would love to join the inner circle. Maybe some others have experienced ‘Dark nights of the Soul’ like this? I believe I’ve had three other ‘Dark nights of the soul’ throughout my lifetime. Which I realize they have brought tremendous growth and life changes. Through adversity we change and the more adverse a situation is, the bigger the blessing.
    I don’t have anyone in my life, that is remotely like me or where I am at; wanting to overcome and become the best me I can be. I guess I’m asking for suggestions on where to begin and what to do. Looking forward to your responses.
    I know this was long. Thank you for reading.