RW 173 – Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Unite Within (Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Rising, Embodiment)

We’re bringing words to the Mysteries in this conversation about the magic that happens when the Divine Masculine and  Divine Feminine unite within! There is a nucleus of potential as the Sacred Masculine pours love, light and consciousness into the moment allowing the Sacred Feminine to let love pour through all expressions of life. This creates the possibility for inspired, sacred action out in the world.

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Topics Explored in the “Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Unite Within” Episode:

(Times based off audio version).

  • Spiritual heights vs. the depths (0:00)
  • Bringing words to the Mysteries (2:47)
  • The potential of this sacred journey (8:16)
  • Let this ripple out beyond you (12:07)
  • An example of the Masculine holding space (18:33)
  • When the Masculine meets the Feminine (24:17)
  • What if you had both capacities open? (29:29)
  • The peace this brings to life! (34:46)
  • The Mystery of this meeting point (37:33)
  • Bringing this into every area of life (43:33)
  • Living Close to the Bone (46:22)
  • Activation vs. transmission (52:36)
  • Reacting vs. responding (59:16)


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