RW 140 – Are You Holding Yourself Back? 5 Signs of Repressed Feminine Energy due to Inner Masculine Wounding

You will never awaken your Divine Feminine’s fullness (i.e. your intuition, your body & womb wisdom, your inner healing capabilities, the power of your pleasure, etc) without the help of your Divine Masculine. So, if you’re having a hard time embodying the Divine Feminine, you might want to work on Divine Masculine healing. Finally, here are 5 signs of repressed feminine energy due to inner masculine wounding and how to work through it with a sacred union embodiment meditation.

Topics Explored in Signs of Repressed Feminine Energy (times based off audio version):

  • Sacred Sexuality Online Program (under $100)! Open to everyone! (5:00)
  • Do you feel like your inner taskmaster won’t let you rest without guilt? It doesn’t have to be this way (8:55)
  • How to tell when loyalty and dedication have gone too far and turned into self sacrifice (16:00)
  • Why, if you want to experience more pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, you have to learn to welcome all emotions (22:43)
  • How masculine-only spirituality leads to spiritual bypassing, and how feminine embodiment is the cure (25:45)
  • Embodiment practice with the archetype of Parvati, which will help you harmonize the sacred union within (28:23)
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Sacred Sexuality Foundations: Online Program

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