The Truth About Mercury Retrograde: How to Access Its Mystical Insights – Episode 68

There’s SO much more to Mercury Retrograde than we give him credit for!! He’s a potent masculine archetype who has the power to completely rewire our minds so that we can translate higher wisdom into conscious thought. YES!! He’s a translator of higher and deeper wisdom; and when he’s retrograde he wants to gift us with insights and knowledge that are NOT readily available any other time. The door is open my friends… let’s walk through it!

In today’s episode, we dive into this and ask, “Who is Mercury as an archetype and what does his energy do when he interacts with the Mystic of the Zodiac, Pisces?” We listen to the language that Mercury and Pisces are co-creating – deep, mystical, revealing and immensely powerful. We dive underneath the surface of these wild waters and find sacred insights, hidden gems, and an abundance of wisdom that can guide us on the path of knowing our true selves…

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Mercury Retrograde – in this episode:

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0.10: Introduction to Today’s Topic
3.00: More Ways to Participate in ReWilding
5.25: This is an Opportunistic and Mystical Time
6.30: Dropping In and Opening Circle
8.15: Breathing Into Your Womb Space and Lighting Your Sacred Flame
9.40: What is the Highest Way for You to Participate In This Journey?
12.50: Mercury in Retrograde – a Deeper Level Explanation
13.40: Mercury Can Communicate in Thousands of Different Energies
15.00: Mercury’s Gift as a Translator
16.00: Mercury is Speaking the Language of the Mystic Right Now
19.10: We’re Being Asked to See What’s Underneath the Surface
21.30: Vesta – Keeper of Your Inner Flame and Priestess
23.10: Rocking the Boat – Where Are You Not in Alignment With Your Higher Self?
24.00: Power and Discernment in Presence
27.00: Turn the Dial, Create the Space, Find the Time, and Shut off the Distractions
30.00: Vesta as the Energy of Sacred Focus
30.30: Trust When There Are No Insights; Sometimes There Aren’t Meant to Be Insights
32.15: Pisces is an Altered State of Consciousness – Do Practices That are Aligned With This
34.00: Uranus in Taurus – All About Upgrades and Conscious Evolution
38.10: Pluto and Saturn Conjunction Dancing With the South Node
38.55: Invitation to Join Inner Circle
39.00: Reflection on Power Practice
43.00: We’re Being Asked to Purify Power in all Forms
45.25: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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Image by Dino Reichmuth