Understanding and Integrating Your Masculine & Feminine Energy – Episode 70

On this path of awakening to our most powerful, aligned selves, it is vitally important that we integrate our masculine and feminine energies. But what does that really mean? And how does opening to and integrating these energies impact the various areas of our lives?

In today’s episode, we explore how masculine and feminine energies are expressed. We examine how they work in tandem so we can dance and flow, but still accomplish and ground. Understanding and integrating both our masculine and feminine energies allows us to harness their true power in order to express, love, and create to our full potential…

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Masculine Feminine Energy – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

0.30: Announcement of Change to Livestream and Podcast Format
5.05: Making Time for Self
7.45: Breathing Into Circle
10.25: How Much Permission Can I Give Myself?
13.20: Energetic Parts of Self as a Doorway Into Affecting Tangible Qualities of Your Life
16.05: Ask Yourself: What’s not Working in Your Life?
17.00: Sharing and Defining Masculine Traits
20.55: Masculine and Feminine Ambitions
21.25: We all Have Both Masculine and Feminine Traits
22.00: Sharing and Defining Feminine Traits
26.00: The Masculine Is the Atmosphere; the Feminine Is the Weather
29.30: The Ways in Which the Masculine and Feminine Work Together
34.40: Balancing These Energies Allows Us To Be Present to What We Want To Be Present To
45.50: Question: What Expressions Are You Not Comfortable With?
51.50: Working With Parvati and Her Gifts
54.45: Invitation to Join Inner Circle
59.50: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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Artist Credit: Ася Лысогорская