Hygeia, Goddess of Alchemy and Sacred Healing

Hygeia By Elise Heyward, ReWilding For Women

She moves through me from my base chakra.

Beautiful tingling and warm, my body gently sways rhythmically with the moving grace-filled energy.

Hygeia, the glorious Greco Goddess of alchemical healing and sacred sexuality. Her symbol is of two serpents en-coiled together and rising.

She can release us of our heaviness, of our rubble, of our grief, despair and sadness. And gently, with the utmost of devotion, lovingly touch our anger to unravel what it is that is behind it…

The Goddess of alchemy, of sacred healing, she brings the ancient energy of deep heart and womb wisdom.

And bringing her lightness, sensual gentleness, her sweet healing nectar to our lips which hold dry and cracked – waiting for the smoothness of the elixir – the divine feminine healing to enter us once more…

Hygeia invites us to look at where we need more space in our body. Where we’ve lost our fluidity, and therefore our ability to self-heal. Where we have closed our heart wisdom from our womb, and our divinity in general.

Let her crack you. Let her sweep your thoughts away.

Open yourself to her and let her touch ALL of the places within you that hold rigidity, fear, or pain…

Open to this and you open to Her within Self. The deep, old ways of the ancient feminine healing in the form of fluidity, of juicy love, of deep sacredness and a love that the brain cannot fathom.


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