Healing Toxic Masculinity in Our Lives – Episode 65

As the discussion around healing toxic masculinity continues to bubble up in our society, we examine what the term really means and how it shows up in our lives. We reflect on where toxic masculinity lives within us as well as how we, as a collective, have co-created unconscious patterns.

In today’s episode, we examine ourselves and our relationship to both the toxic masculine and divine masculine. We discuss practical measures to liberate us from our deepest, most hidden patterns that restrict us from our all-ness. And we invoke the help of the Dark Goddess to do it…

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Please note that the online workshop referred to in this podcast is available in Inner Circle.

Full length audio version

Healing Toxic Masculinity – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

0.45: Introduction to Today’s Topic
3.45: Healing Toxic Masculinity Must Be Examined When Embodying the Fullness of Self
4.30: Invitation to Drop In and Open Circle
5.50: Invitation to Rise, Stand on Sacred Ground and Bring It
9.20: Heart-Opening Practice
11.55: Defining Toxic Masculinity Within Our Circle
17.55: How Does This Relate to Us On Our Feminine Path?
19.30: The Divine Masculine Is As Beautiful and Pure As the Divine Feminine; It’s Just Different
20.25: Practice: Feeling Into the Purity of the Divine Masculine
23.00: We are Co-creating Toxic Masculinity
23.30: Where Are we Creating and Inviting Toxic Masculinity in Our Own Lives?
24.15: The Dark Goddess Not Only Shows Us What We Need to See… She Releases Us From It
25.00: The ‘Why’ for Doing This
28.00: We’re All Both Masculine and Feminine
29.00: Question to Ask Yourself: Where do I Shut Down Emotion to Take Charge?
30.00: Question to ask Yourself: Where do I Allow Toxic Masculinity in My Life?
35.35: Men and Women Are In This Together
41.00: Ways of Purifying the Masculine Within Us
45.50: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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