Enough with the Surface Level Goddess Propaganda – Give Me the Real Stuff – Episode 62

In many New Age communities, the word “Goddess” is most frequently associated with love, light, and ease – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In today’s episode, we dive underneath the surface to dispel myths and mantras about Goddess energy and reveal the complete picture.

We honor what feminine reclamation actually entails and find encouragement to keep going on this wild, enlivening, and awakening path that is the path of the Goddess.


Show Notes:

0.30: Introduction to Today’s Topic
1.11: ReWilding Updates
2.45: Invitation for Those who Feel Called to it to Hold Space
5.10: Setting up the Container
8.15: Invitation to Breathe Your Body Open
10.20: Honoring this Path, Those who Walk it, and its Challenges
15.00: Everything can be a Doorway to This Path
15.55: Deep Reverence for the Fullness of the Path of the Feminine
16.45: There are a lot of Levels and Layers to Feminine Reclamation
17.30: Where are we in Relationship to the Feminine?
23.20: Much of Mainstream Goddess Content is at the tip of an Iceberg
26.20: Goddess is the Ultimate In Empowerment
28.15: Keep Purifying, Keep Opening, Keep Going
32.10: Goddess is not the Adult Version of Princess
34.15: Trust!
36.30: Women are Innately Wired for This Work
37.20: Every Single Expression of the Goddess is Fueled by Love
38.40: Three Forms of Goddess Expression – Dormant, Distorted, and Divine
41.40: Inner Circle Updates
44.20: Q & A – How do you Clear the Love Channel?
47.00: Q & A – Is There a Major Theme of Transformation Noticed This Year?
51.10: Q & A – What if I Skip the Angry/Grief Part and Have Problems Expressing Myself That Way?
54.05: Gratitude and Closing Comments

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