The rebel, the lover, and the change-maker!

What’s got you fired up, impassioned and feeling alive? Or possibly agitated, annoyed and frustrated? With Venus conjunct the Sun, the heart is talking, telling us exactly what’s in alignment and what’s not, what lights us up and what dims us down, what brings us purpose and what wastes our time.

Open your heart as wide as you can and listen to that beautiful inner voice in whatever language it’s speaking.

And then… break the mold, blow up the box , do whatever you need to do to follow it! This rebellious, change-making Aquarius moon is on your side! The time is now!

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  1. BarbaraCOLEMAN on August 16, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    I am so upset again I have been working strongly with the healer and I be darned if I did not Exacerbate my lungs and almost end up in the hospital again back on antibiotics back steriods increase of oxygen I am so damn pissed lol.

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